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*** when i got to the hotel gate, i dialled the number but she wasn’t picking up.

I redialled it again and she still didn’t pick up.

I entered my motor and was about to start the vehicle and
my phone ranged. She was the one
calling me. I pick up. ”’Hello, i’m at the hotel gate”’ i said. But why can’t you come inside naw, She said.

If you’re not coming outside then i have to go,i replied.
Hold on for some minutes,i will be there”’ she said.

Hanged up,i decided to wait for her inside my motor.

I waited for her for some minute, She came out, behold! it was Mrs sharp sharp.

I couldn’t believe my eyes that day. Am i dreaming or what? I wiped my eyes twice, who am i seeing?

I was looking at her as she came out of the hotel gate and looked around,

she couldn’t see me bcos i was inside the motor. She dialled a number and my phone started ringing.

I hurriedly came out and ran to her,

we hugged. Wow!! Igwe you are now a man” she said.

She took me inside the hotel room where she lodged.
I sat down inside her hotel room and she opened the door and left.

It was like a dream to me that day,
i couldn’t believe that i will see her again
in my life. Some minutes later she entered the room and sat opposite to me. ***

ME: i have praying for a day like this in my life. Today is one of my happiest day in life.

MRS SHARP: Me too. So igwe,how are you copying with business and how is your boss and his wife?

ME: they are ok.

MRS SHARP: i hope they are not treating you bad?

ME: they are nice to me. * a young girl entered with food, chicken and drinks. She present it to our table and left * why did you stress yourself to order for this?

MRS SHARP: my dear, why wouldn’t i? I couldn’t believe a day like this will come. My dear, lets have fun. * we started eating *

ME: what happened to your other line, i have tried it so many times but it wasn’t going through.

MRS SHARP: i lost that my phone so when i bought another one, i logged in to my e-mail and found your number where i saved it.

ME: owk.. You are looking so beautiful and healthy, so where are you working now because it doesn’t seem you are still teaching now.

MRS SHARP: smiled i have been promoted. Am now a principal.

ME: wow! So grateful, so Where do you live ?

MRS SHARP: i live in Awada * she told me the name of her street and house number *
*** as we are eating,my phone ranged and it was Bathlomeo. He asked me where i am and what am still doing there.
I told him that i will explain to him when i come back. He hanged up. After that, Amanda called me to know where i am and i told her that i went
somewhere that am on the way coming back. She hanged up.

She asked me, who called me and i told her who they are.
After eating and everything,i told her that i
will be on my way to the shop. She asked me, where do we live and i told her. She gave me 20k for my upkeep, i thanked her. She asked me when next will i visit her again.

”’ i will see you on this coming Saturday”’ i said.
She followed me out of the hotel room.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw the car she drives.
I left the hotel and hurried back to the shop.

It was already late so i couldn’t brought down account so i went home.

As i was going home,i was filled with excitement. I started remembering my good times with her back then.
She called me to know if i have got home and i told her that am still on the way.
When i got home,i did my evening chores and took my bath.

I didn’t even remember to ask her for our son.

In the next day, i went to the shop, i cross checked the sales that was made on my absent.
Bathlomeo later asked me, how did it goes. I told him everything.

He cautioned me to be very careful about her so that she wouldn’t implicate me.
She call me from time to time. On Saturday,

i did my normal house cleaning and left to the market.
When i got to the market,
Mrs sharp sharp called to remind me about visiting her that day.

When Amanda and Ijeoma came to market,
i told them that our boss sent me somewhere,
that i will be back in the evening or i may not
enter market again that day. {i know Mrs sharp sharp wouldn’t let me go on time} so i told them to take care of the shop.
I went to the compound with the help of the address she
gave me.

I knocked at the game and a man came out and asked me who am i looking for.

I told him that am looking for Mrs Sandra. The man told me to wait and he entered inside.
He later came and told me to come with him.

When i entered the gate, Mrs sharp sharp was the one that took me inside. The compound consist of one storey building that has four flats. It was from there that she told me,
she was the owner of the house that she was living in.

When i got inside, she prepared a very delicious meal for me.
I asked her about our son and she told me that he is inside the room sleeping.

I told her to wake him up for me and she told me to follow her to the room where he was sleeping.

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