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* I trembled when the priest said that. I don’t know which one to answer first. He was muted as he starred at me *

ME: father, actually, i haven’t receive baptism.

PRIEST: why?

ME: i was born in a Pentecostal church, as you know Pentecostal churches doesn’t do enfant baptism. So when i relocated to Asaba, i followed my boss to attend catholic church.

PRIEST: alright. Are you living with someone?

ME: yes,actually am serving someone.

PRIEST: then what about my question.

ME: father to be frank with you, princess was my girlfriend back then in school,so after our secondary school,

she went to Lagos to continue with her studies. I have called but her mobile number wasn’t reachable since then. *** i knelt down and was shedding tears,he consoled me.

I started narrating my story starting from Mrs sharp sharp to my madam’s sister. After i finished narrating the story to him,i lied on the floor crying for help. He lifted me and sat me on the chair ***

PRIEST: my dear,there is nothing impossible for God to do. Just believe in him and put your trust in him,he will never abandon you. Have your boss found out about your affair with his wife?

ME: there was a day i came home early,

that day my boss didn’t came to market so i heard his wife disclosing it to him. It was from there i found out that my boss was an impotent.

PRIEST: * he closed his eyes and was groaning * i saw so many women running after you with there children. Your name is Igwe right.

ME: yes.

PRIEST: * he opened his eyes and looked at me, i was feeling so much guilty * you are going to come with your boss because this battle line you are about to drow is not going to be easy like that.

ME: my boss is not in the country now and i don’t know when he will be back.

PRIEST: then you have to wait till he comes back. I will like his wife to be present that day.

ME: no problm father.

PRIEST: you have to go now but, i caution you to be prayerful because the battle line is about to set. Pray before you go to bed and when you wake. Knee down lemme pray for you. *** i knelt down and he prayed for me, after that he gave me bible and a holy water to spinkle when ever i want to sleep. I thanked him and left his office.
When i got home, my madam asked me what was holding me in the church.

I told her that i went to see our priest, she shocked. Her sister was looking at me. I left them to my room.

Whenever i want to sleep,i will pray and spinkle the holy water around the room.

One morning,i was in the shop thinking about my life. I deliberately deleted all the female numbers i had on my phone including princess and Mrs sharp sharp. Though i deleted princess number with tears on my cheek but it wasn’t deleted from my heart.

Some minutes later, a text message came to my phone. I opened the message and it says:
”’pls com and meet me in HOLIDAY RESORT HOTEL. Its an emergency. ”’

i was amazed, i dialled the number and the person was not picking. I redailed it again and she picked up ***

ME:hello who is this?

CALLER: igwe the play boy, don’t bother about my name just come first, am patiently waiting for you.

ME: i don’t want to know who you are, listen don’t ever call or text me again. *** i aborted the call.

She called me back and i picked up *** why are you disturbing me?

CALLER: just come first,i wouldn’t harm you. Just come and know why i summon you.

ME: am not interested in whatever you are calling me for so stop wasting your time and your airtime.

CALLER: please just come first.

ME: are you deaf, i said am not interested please. Don’t ever call me again since you don’t want to disclose your identity *** i aborted the call. She called me again and i aborted it.
Bathlomeo entered our shop and was asking me,
why am i moody. I shown him the message, he suggested that i should go and know who was that since the place isn’t far. I told him that i wouldn’t go since she don’t want to disclose her identity.

He told me to go but i shouldn’t follow her to enter the hotel room. He told me if i get to the hotel,

that i should call her outside the gate and if she refuses to come that i should come back. He told me to call her and inform her that am coming but she will come out when you call her.

He then told me that, it will be from her response that i will know if she will come out when i call her or not. I told him ok and he left our shop.

I was in a deep thought concerning what Bathlomeo told me when Amanda and ijeoma came to market. They sat on their seats. As am about to go,

a call came to our office line. It was one of our customers that demanded for goods so i forgot about the hotel i want to go. I packaged his goods and waited for him to pay in the money so that i will deliver his goods. Some minutes later, alert came in and i carried the goods to the park.

After that i came back and i went to the hotel to know who was that.

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