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*** that hand she laid on my tommy vibrated me. I had an erection instantly. I was muted, she started fingering my tommy.

Omo na so my body begin de sweet me. She asked me again with a romantic voice.

I couldn’t utter anyword to her. I was busy imaging myself with her. As she was doing fingering me,i was enjoying it.

I tried all i could to pretend as if am not interested in her but she still noticed that she turned me on.

Should i bounce on her or forget her? Is she for real or a temptation? She continued fingering me. I held her hand and drow her closer,
she fall on me. I started kissing her neck down to her navel before she told me to stop.
She removed her top,she untied her wrapper,She wore only pant.

Wow! Her body was still looking fresh and smooth. Without wasting time,i freed my phallic. She robbed the head. ”Wow! You children of nowadays eeeh! Una don spoil finish” she said. I pulled my hand underneath and removed her pant.

I inserted my one finger inside her honeypot,
she jerked. I fingerbleeped her for a while before i inserted my joystick inside her,
she gave me a soft moan. I started stroking her. The woman sweet die,i couldn’t believe she was still tight.
As i was going in and out of her,she was pleasurizing me with her moan.

Aaaah! Give it to me! I have really missed it for a while. Oooooh! Igwe you are my everything, marry me igwe! She moaned.

Omo i can say,she no know when she dey talk all dis bcos she dey under pressure.
As am about to c-m, i withdrew my joystick,
i poured my c-m on the floor. She told me to enter her again. I told her that am tired. Omo dis woman na s-x addict oo. She started pleasurizing me again to have s-x with her.

Your sister will soon come back,please don’t implicate me” i said.

As i was saying that, someone banged at the gate. I abandoned her and rushed inside the bathroom,i thought it was my madam. I took my bath and entered my room.

My madam’s sister wasn’t inside my room.

Some minutes later, by then, baby has woke up, she called me to come and take care of the baby that she want to bath.
I carried the baby and was singing for her. Immediately she entered the bathroom,
my madam came back,i greeted her. She took the baby from me ***

MADAM: has it been long she woke?

ME:not too long ago. You stayed long in the market.

MADAM: my dear,i would have come back earlier, where is my sister?

ME: she is bathing.

MADAM: something terrible happened today in the market. she handed the baby to me and entered my boss’s bathroom. I guess she went there to wash her breast to feed the baby. She came out and took the baby from me. She started to breast feed the baby some unknown men evaded one bank beside the market.

ME:hmmm, na waoh. my madam’s sister came out from the bathroom and joined us

MADAM: they robbed the bank, as they were coming out from the bank,

some police men arrived and they started firing bullets. They killed some peoples that were running. I would have come back but the main arena they were firing bullet was the place,we use to enter keke, so there was no chance.

MADAM’S SISTER: that was terrible, how did you manage to come home?

MADAM: When the arm robbers shot three policemen and they took off. Everywhere became cool for some minute before we came out from our hidden places.

ME: glory be to God for saving you,its a great testimony.

MADAM’S SISTER: yes oooo…. Its a great testimony indeed.

*** i left the living room to my room,
i started thinking about what i did with my madam’s sister. I remembered the vow i made with God not to have s-x again. I felt ashamed of myself, i hate myself that minute.

But was that really my fault? I asked myself that rhetorical question.

I weep bitterly that afternoon. My madam prepared launch, i refused to eat.

After my madam and her sister finished eating and my madam entered the kitchen and called me to the living room.
I entered with a thick face. She started asking me what the problem is, why i didn’t eat my launch, her sister was there with us.

She was starring at me. I told my madam that am ok just that i don’t feel like eating anything that afternoon.
She asked her sister if we quarrel and she said no. As i was meditating, in my room,
so many thoughts were running through my mind.
Should i go to the church and confess to our priest or continue leaving with this my dirty life?? Am just tired of this my dirty life. Through out that day,i refused to eat. The next day i prepared to church. We have two priest in our church so after mass i met the other one in the parish office.

I greeted him and he offered me a sit,he is also a prophet.
Immediately i sat down,he asked me if am married.
I said no. ”’I saw so many wedding rings on your fingers”’ he said. I was statued.

Have you been baptized? He asked.

And who is princess and Mrs Sandra{Mrs sharp sharp} to you?

Who is this lady that is crying for you bitterly? He added.

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