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JENNY: what kind of question is that one naw?

ME: yes if you are claiming that am responsible for your pregnancy swear with this your condition.

JENNY: you know i can never do that, its against my believe.

ME: ok,as you don’t want to swear, please and please don’t raise that issue again to me. Go and look for whosoever that got you pregnant.

JENNY: igwe you can never deny this pregnancy.

ME: what do you want from me,i mean what did you want me to do?

JENNY: you knw what you have to do as a man.

I know that you are under someone but we have to do something about this. I can never abort this baby bcos its my first child. Do what you have to do as a man and leave the rest for me.

ME: * with a harsh voice * do what as a man? Why are you so wicked to this point?

You want to tie me down with another man’s responsibility and ruin my life. You are so heartless Jenny.

Don’t ever let me to say what you and i will regret in future.
From today, lets just pretend as if we didnt know each other.*** i started the vehicle, as am about to move,

she marched the brake ***

JENNY: is that what you said? After using me to satisfy your sexual urge and you got me pregnant, you want to abandon me,

no problem,you will regret this.
*** she opened the door and got down. I didn’t even care, i drove off immediately. As i was driving, my mind was troubled bcos i don’t know Jenny’s plan.
Will she disclose this secret to my boss. God please save me from this mess i have put myself into. I drove to the market.

That day in the shop,i was restless .

In the evening,i went home, when i got home,i didn’t see Jenny. That evening,
i couldn’t eat, i was just thinking about Jenny bcos i hate hurting people’s feeling. How i wish i can help her out,
i would have done that? The next day my madam told me that Jenny travelled to the village.I continue living with my madam and her sister.
One day,i couldnt woke up on time due to so much stress,
my madam’s sister came to my room and poured me water while am still sleeping.
That day i was so irritated to fight her but she is just a mere woman so i couldn’t do that. She started vomiting the whole nonsense that was in her mouth.

Omo if you see the kin tin wey comot for her mouth,
even if u be pope u go beat am. As she was saying all sort of things to me,i walked out from her.

My madam came and was pleading with her to stop shouting on me. I was inside the bathroom listening to them. Why do you always back this boy each time he did a wrong thing?My madam’s sister asked.Is not that am backing him or something like that, am only pleading with you to take it easy with him” my madam replied.

I took my bath, i did some of my domestic work before i told my madam that am off to the market. She told me to wait and she made tea for me.

After am through,my madam’s sister called me,
she told me that what i did today should not repeat itself again. I couldn’t even utter any word to her.

As she was warning me, my mind was in another place. After she was through, i didn’t say any word to her before i left.

I drove to the shop, after sweeping and cleaning the shop, i sat down and bend my head. What’s this woman’s headache? How can she be doing this to me? Anyway,her staying in that house is just temporal.

Some minutes later, ijeoma and Jenny entered.

We exchanged pleasantries and they sat on their chairs.Ijeoma asked me,why do i suddenly change from been happy to moody guy? I told her that am ok. ”Did your girlfriend abandoned you to another guy? ”’ Amanda said jokingly. I smiled.

Starting from that day, i always frowned at my madam’s sister whenever i saw her.

One Saturday, my madam went to market to buy things that we will use to cook Sunday food, she left the baby at home with her sister. That day i couldn’t go to the market bcos our line {market line} went to one of our member’s burial.
I was in my room when my madam’s sister entered. I was surprised. What did she came here to do?

I was just looking at her to knw what she came to do.

I was lying on my bed, facing the ceiling, she sat beside me. I pretended as if nobody entered my room.***

MADAM SISTER: Igwe am sorry for what i did to you the other day. * i was muted please am really sorry for my action. Ever since i did that to you,my consent couldn’t allow me to rest. since my life,i can easily forgive no matter what you did to me *

ME: alrite aunty, is ok.

MADAM’S SISTER: igwe tell me what’s going on between you and Jenny? * my mind skipped… Did Jenny told her anything. I was so so surprised at her question*

ME: nothing is going or did she told you that something is going on between us?

MADAM’S SISTER: that day she travelled back to the village, i thought she followed you to the market?

ME: yes..

MADAM’S SISTER: so why did she came back moody and travelled back to the village? she laid her hands on my tommy tell me what’s the problem???

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