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ME: abeg yarn me..

BATHLOMEO: u see dat babe, she dey chop for outside. I dey sure of dat one.

ME: before i tink say,she no dey do like dat bcos if u see how de babe dey tell me so many tins say she luv me,
she no go fit stay without me infact if i agree make we be friends, say she no go look another guy. She talk say no guy don impress am de way i do.

As she com yarn me finish, my head com swore up.

I com dey tink say she no go cheat on me.

BATHLOMEO: omo gbadu girls, dey too dey pretend but na dem cheat pass. That belle wey she carry na another guy give am, so no worry urself about dat one. Infact delete d matter from ur mind. How many months wey she talk say de belle dey?

ME: i don forget but i be like say na four days abi na a week wey she talk dat day.

BATHLOMEO: when u bleep am?

ME: e don reach like four months naw, na dat time wey my boss still dey Nigeria. U go knw de babe naw,
na dat one wey dey follow me dey com shop.

BATHLOMEO:oooh! na dat one? Forgettam.

*** as we were still discussing,i looked outside and saw someone’s shadow on the entrance of our shop. I rushed out and it was Amanda.

Bathlomeo and i looked at each other and looked at her also. Bathlomeo dashed out and i went back to my sit.

Amanda sat down on her seat and looked straight to my eyes. I started feeling shy so i broughtout my phone and started playing game.

My mind was beating so high bcos am sure she overheard our conversation.

If she asked me, should i tell her the truth or fabricate lies and tell her?

There was a silent in some minutes. She starred at me again . ***

AMANDA: igwe who did you got pregnant?

ME: pregnant!

AMANDA: yes.

ME: is that what you are wishing me?

AMANDA: am not wishing you that .

ME: i didnt impregnant anybody.

AMANDA: then who did bathlomeo told you to shun when she come with the issue of pregnancy?

ME: it was one stupid girl in our street.

AMANDA: then what about her?

ME: she got pregnant and……

AMANDA: * cut in * and you are responsible right?

ME: how can you say so? Infact i wouldn’t tell you again.

AMANDA: am sorry dear,continue.

ME: * omo i use the opportunity to stop the lies i wanted to tell her * continue what?

*** i stood up and went outside and sat down. Some minutes later Ijeoma entered market. She dragged me inside our shop and Amanda was staring at us.

Ijeoma looked at Amanda.
”I didn’t knw what hell is wrong with both of you,both of you will malice today and reconcile tomorrow and still malice the next day” ijeoma said. ”You guys always acts like cat and rat, only God knws what is hell with you guys” ijeoma added.

After that day,i went home. Since my madam gave birth, she hardly go out, so there was no chance for Jenny and i to discuss so she keep on disturbing me through messages. Asking me,what we will do about her pregnancy. I keep on deleting any of her message that came to my phone.

One day,she told my madam that she want to follow me to the market since she wasn’t doing anything at home. My madam approved her request and she followed me.

When we got to the bus, i was muted, as i was calculating what i will tell her if she raise that her pregnancy issue. As i was driving, she told me to park aside what we need to talk. I gently parked aside ***

JENNY: igwe what did you take me for?

ME: what kind of question is that?

JENNY: after you impregnated me,the next thing you do is to abandon me.

ME: please! Please! And please! Don’t ever raise this issue of your pregnancy to me again, bcos i knw nothing about that.

JENNY: meaning?

ME: meaning that you should go and discuss it to whoever that got you pregnant bcos am not interested.

JENNY: igwe, you can’t be serious. Is quit obvious that you are the only guy am Dating beside you are the one i had raw s-x with. Igwe you better tell me you are joking.

ME: the day i had s-x with you,did i pour my c-m inside you?

JENNY: who knws. Since i came from village down here,you are the only guy i had s-x with.

ME: ok,you said you are not dating any other guy accept me right?

JENNY: yes.

ME: who was that guy that took you out last Sunday?

JENNY: * amazed * a guy?

ME: that’s not the answer to my question.

JENNY: i don’t knw what you are talking about.

ME: were you not the one i saw at ”’bishop court”’ with one guy * that’s the name of the beer parlour i saw them. I also described the colour of the guy’s cloth. She was statued *
answer me Jenny, who’s he?

JENNY: i don’t knw what you are talking about. That’s not the issue at hand now.

ME: so you have been having an affair outside, no wonder, the other time you told us that you went to check your result and couldn’t come back,
who knws where you slept that day. Am very sure you slept in that guy’s house and
that was the day he got you pregnant.

Can you swear that you haven’t had raw s-x with a guy since you came to this Asaba???

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