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** when we got home,i rushed outside and bought fuel. Some of our neighbours entered to congratulate her for safe delivery. She gave birth to a bouncing baby girl.
From that day,i started helping Jenny in cooking and other things.

When baby cry in the middle of the night,my madam will call me to come and help her lure the baby to sleep.

So bcos of that, i normally woke up in the morning late and when i got to the shop, i will be feeling dizzy.

After some days, my madam’s elder sister came {since their mother is late, the elder sister can do the omugwo}.
My madam’s sister has the same body posture with my madam.

She is married with four kids and her husband wasn’t in the country, he is a businessman as my madam said.

The first day,my madam’s sister saw the baby,
she said that the baby resembled me.

Omo u sure say,yawa no go cast, dis one everybody don dey talk say the baby resemble me.

One Sunday evening,i decided to stroke down the road.

I told my madam, that am going out before i left. I trekked to one nearby
beer parlour. As i sat down, a waiter approached me and asked

what she will offer me. I told her to give me yogurt and turkey. Am unaccustomed to alcohol.
After some minutes,she came to my table with my demands.
As i was drinking my yogurt and tearing the turkey, i was also giving Jenny’s pregnancy a second thought,

some minutes later,i saw Jenny with one guy as they entered,Jenny didn’t see me bcos the place i am was little hidden and beside the weather was gloomy.

I was looking at them as they sat down.
Omo i couldn’t believe my eyes that day.I didn’t even knw the guy she came with.They sat down and made their demands to the same waiter that attended to me.

The waiter brought gulder, smirnoff and two plates of turkey. They were drinking and discussing within themselves.
How am i sure this girl is Jenny?
How can she treak my madam and come out bcos my madam hardly allow her to go out?

Was this not the Jenny that told me she was pregnant?
What is she doing with this guy?

How am i even sure am the father of that bastard she was carrying?

As i was asking myself that rhetorical question, i decided to dial her number to knw if she is truely Jenny.

I was looking at her when i dialled her number, she dipped her hands inside her jean pocket and i aborted it. As i was looking at her,
she broughtout her phone and checked, she looked around. I bend my head so that she wouldn’t see me. Maybe her intention of looking around was to knw if am around.

After she looked around,my phone ranged, when i checked it, she was the one calling. I refused to pick the call. When the call ended, she called again and i also ignored her call.

I washed my hands, thank God the waiter that attended to me was passing and i called her.
I paid my bill and dash out immediately. As i was going home,

Jenny called again, i also ignored her call. When the call ended, text message came to my phone.

She was the one that text me.
The message says,,
”’ igwe wat’s d problem? is aunty lokin 4 me? Plz tel her i went 2 visit my friend……
Tanx. Luv u! ”’
i hissed when i read the text message. I deleted the message.

When i got home,my madam asked me where Jenny is. I told her that i don’t knw where she is.

”I thought she said,you called her” said my madam.
Chai! Dis girl sabi lie oooo…. Infact her baptismal name na linus.

”I didn’t see her aunty” i replied. My madam’s sister came out from the bath and started shouting on me.

She said,how can Jenny and i left the house while we knew that they must need our attention.

Omo the lady com talk wetin dey for mouth finish.

My madam was starring at me,i guess she want to know my reaction but i pretended as if those words she spilt on me didn’t pain me.

Jenny was outside for like 1hr later before she came back.

My madam’s sister didn’t shout on her the way she did to

After our dinner,i slept off and woke up early in the morning, i prepared and went to

After my normal cleaning in the shop,

so many thoughts were running through my mind. I dialled Mrs sharp sharp’s number but it was still switched off.

I dialled princess number it was still the same. Bathlomeo saw my mood that money and entered our shop.

He started asking me what the problem is. I opened up and told him that my boss cousin sister is pregnant for me. **

BATHLOMEO: u sleep wit am?

ME: na just once. And dat day, i no even pour my c-m inside her. I just dey wonda how she com carry belle.

BATHLOMEO: u sure say,little of ur c-m no enter.

ME: guy i comot d tin on time. Nothin enter, i dey sure.

BATHLOMEO: u sure say de girl no dey date anoda guy outside.

ME: i be like bcos yesterday, i enter one bar com sit down dey drink, i com see de girl wey she enter wit one guy like that.

BATHLOMEO: forget de girl, she wan play plank on u. No fall for her. Any day we she carry dat kin matter com where u dey shun am. Guy listen make i yarn u…..

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