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Jenny: igwe, i don’t just know.

Me: i think we have to abort it.

Jenny: abort what?

Me: what kind of question are you asking me?

Jenny: igwe,do you want me to die?

Me: you wouldn’t die.

Jenny: please igwe,let’s just forget about this issue of abortion. Lets think about something else. You know i can never do abort to avoid womb damage in future.

Me: then what did you suggest we should do bcos abortion is the only option left for us.

Jenny: i rather give birth to this child than to endanger my life by abortion.

What if i die in the process or my womb get damaged and i wouldn’t be able to conceive again?

Me: i warned you about this but you wouldn’t listen, i told you to allow me be what you refused.
See what you have pushed me into now.

Jenny: igwe just behave like a man for once.

The deed has already been done so the next thing is to find solution to this. *** i was speechless. God what have i done to myself?

What if my boss and my madam find out, what will happen to me? She saw how i stood still, she came closer to me ***

Jenny: igwe,stop bothering yourself about this. Lets just wait and see how it goes.

Me:wait till when? Anything we have to do,we should start it now before things get out of hand.

*** my phone ranged,it was my madam calling. i picked up. She told me that she had delivered. There was a bag i kept in my room,ontop my wardrobe,it contains baby cloth,please, come with it now,madam said.

She gave me the address of the hospital before she hanged up.

I disclosed the news to Jenny and she happy.

I suspended what am doing, and dashed out with the bag she told me to bring.

I drove to the hospital, i saw one beautiful nurse that was going out at the hospital gate. Omo her beauty was out of this world i swear. ***

Me: excuse me, am looking for one lady that gave birth this morning here. Her name is Anita okoro.

Nurse: is she fair in complexion?

Me: yes….

Nurse: ok,go to the second floor and enter ward II. She is there.

Me: thank you so much.

*** I went according to her directives, i went to where my madam was admitted and she was lying helplessly.

I rushed to where the baby was laid.

Omo if you see that baby, if am around,you wouldn’t ask, who is the father bcos the evidence is obvious.

I congratulated her for safe delivery.

I droped the bag she told me to bring and dialled Jenny’s number.

I told her to prepare a porridge yam and it should be peppery.
She told me that she has already started the preparing it and the food will soon be ready.

I went close to where my madam laid and sat beside her. ***

Me: how are you feeling?

Madam: * with a weak voice * feel better but the pain is too much.

Me: so so sorry. Its a mandatory task for women. Just be strong,its just a temporal pain. Small time it will go off. Welcome from the land of the spirit bcos any woman that entered labour room really went to the land of the spirit. she laughed have you called brother{my boss}?

Madam: i don’t have recharge card to call him.

*** I went down to one nearest store outside the gate.

I bought recharge card and recharged my madam’s phone. She used it and called her husband{my boss}. After some minutes,jenny called me to inform me that the food was ready.

I told my madam and drove to the house. I came back to the hospital with Jenny.

Immediately, she went to where the baby was laid. ***

Jenny: igwe this baby resemble you well. * i looked at my madam and our eyes met.

Me: wow!

**My madam ate the porridge yam but she couldn’t finish it all bcos its so peppery.

That day i couldn’t go to market,i was in the hospital.
In the evening,when Jenny has prepared my madam’s dinner. My madam told me to go home that she will be with Jenny.
I drove home that evening. On getting home,i saw that same girl same that gave me her number and i ignored her and entered inside.

That night,i took tea as my dinner.

I reflected on Jenny’s pregnant before i slept off.

In the morning been Sunday, i drove to the hospital, as i entered the hospital again, i saw that same nurse that directed to where my madam was ***

Me: hi

Nurse: hi, goodmorning sir.

Me: goodmorning, how are you?

Nurse: am ok. I hope you found the lady you are looking for yesterday?

Me: yes i do.

Nurse: is she your wife bcos the baby resembled you?

Me: * Jesus Christ! * no, she is not my wife.

Nurse: i saw the baby yesterday bcos i was signed to take care of their ward last night, that was where i saw the baby. Is like she is your sister.

Me: yes.

Nurse: what about the husband, she haven’t come since yesterday his wife gave birth?

Me: her husband wasn’t in Nigeria.

*** after discussing with her for a while, we went to our different ways.

I went to where my madam was. After three day, i paid for the hospital bills with my boss money.

The day i drove her home, that same nurse helped us to pack our belongings to our vehicle. ***

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