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* i was like, what is wrong with this woman. I looked at her and she was busy eyeing me. *

Madam: am listening to you igwe.

*** we heard a knock at the door. Jenny rushed and opened the door by then my madam had left my room to hers.
It was my boss that came in. I managed to gather myself together and went to the sitting room and greet him.

I went back to my room and laid down.

That night was like a hell to me. Thank God,i later slept off.

As time goes on,i was living like a new creature in Christ.
One day like that, my phone rang and it was the girl that told me not to call her on phone again. I was wondering, why was she calling me? i thought, she said that i shouldn’t call her again infact we should pretend as if we haven’t seen before.

I decided not to pick her call, i was in the market then but my boss wasn’t around.

She called me the second time and i picked up ***

Me: hello,who is this?

Girl: don’t tell you have deleted my number igwe..

Me: i don’t knw you,please explain..

Girl: na waoh for you oooo….

Me: please am busy * i aborted the call. Ijeoma and Amanda was busy staring at me *

Amanda: who is disturbing you igwe?

Ijeoma: is one of his girl friends naw.

Me: * i smiled * one of my girlfriends?

Ijeoma: yes naw.

Amanda: ijeoma no naw, i knw igwe verywell, he do no such thing.

Ijeoma: you don’t knw what you are talking about. I can see woman written all over his body.

Igwe am i lying?

*** i couldn’t say anything to them and i moved out from the shop.

I came out and seated beside Bathlomeo. The call came again, i picked up ***

Me:please don’t call me again if you don’t want tell me who you are,am busy. *** i didn’t even wait to hear anyword from her mouth and i aborted the call.
Bathlomeo asked me who the caller is and i told him who she was. He told me to stop aborting her call and listen to what she has to say.

We discussed for some minute before i drove to our warehouse to carry some goods to the shop.

After some months later, i discovered that Bathlomeo was dating ijeoma, i found bathlomeo’s half naked pictures in Ijeoma’s phone,
i asked her that day and she opened up to me that she was dating bathlomeo.

After some months later, my boss travelled back to China by then my madam’s pregnancy has come out fully. Jenny was doing all the domestic works including washing my madam’s cloth.

But though, i helped her something if am less busy in the house.

One day, my madam wasn’t around and Jenny entered my room with a frowned face.
I was troubled in my heart. I asked her what the problem was but she was muted. ***

Me: Jenny tell me what the problem is.

Jenny: igwe its not easy for me to say.

Me: a man’s intention is never bad before him, just tell me what the problem is. If its something i can do,
you knw i will surely do it.

Jenny: i haven’t seen my period for the past 4 days. Is like am pregnant.

Me: * my mind skipped,chai! I don die * you are pregnant!

Jenny: that’s what am thinking.

Me: please, if its a joke stop it or if you are dreaming, you better wake up. That day we had s-x, i didn’t pour inside you naw so how come you are pregnant? Or are you sleeping with any other guy?

Jenny:i do no such thing. There is no other guy that can make me feel the way you do. Igwe i love you.

Me: i was sweating like a Christmas goat * that’s not what we are talking about Jenny.

What’d you suggest we should do about this?

Jenny: actually,i don’t knw,that’s why i came to you.

Me: you knw what? You will go to hospital tommorow for proper confirmation.

Jenny: that’s a good idea.

*** i broughtout my wallet and gave her some money,she left my room, omo if you see a kin of heat wey dey my body that time,u go mercy for me.

But what if this girl is pregnant? Am i truely the one responsible for it? I can remember vividly that day we had s-x, i didn’t pour my c-m inside her.

Who knows if she is having an affair outside.

I was restless till my madam came back.

She bought some fruits and called me to the sitting room.
I entered,she noticed my mood and she asked me what the problem was.

I told her am ok. She gave me some of the fruits she bought.

The next day,when i came back from the market,
Jenny was moody all through the evening and from there i knew,she is truely pregnant. I started feeling cold that evening. I couldn’t ask her bcos of my madam.

After our dinner,i sent Jenny a text message, asking her about the result.

She replied me, that she is pregnant confirmed by doctor.
I switched my phone. Through out the nite,i was sleepless and restless. The next day was saturday, so i did some house cleaning with her.

That morning my madam called me and told me
she was going to hospital for checkup that she was not feeling too well and she left. ***

Me: you said doctor confirmed that you are pregnant?

Jenny: yes. Am confused.

Me: Jenny,,what do you suggest we should do?

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