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*** That night,i saw princess with two little children, a boy and a girl. I was so happy when i saw them but princess wasn’t feeling happy. I tried to go close to her but i couldn’t bcos my two legs were crippled in that dream. I tried all i could but to no avail. I started shouting,
as i was shouting i woke up and realise that my two legs were together while am sleeping.

Please don’t sleep with your two legs together. It can cripple you in a dream and witch can use it to get you. Please please and please, separate your legs while you are still awake before sleeping so that witch will not get you.

I started wondering, about the dream i had.

The other day i had a dream with little children and today again i had it again. Now i knw that God loves me and that’s why He is trying to pass message to me. I knw that i don’t keep my vow but this time around, with the help of God,i must surely keep it. God in your hands i comit my spirit. I did the sign of the cross and went back to sleep.

Lemme just tell you guys the fact, ones you decided to turn away from your bad ways, na so that tin go dey com up and down. If na woman wey u dey pursue and u wan stop am, omo na den wey fine fine girls go dey waka for ur front like tomorrow no dey. Even dose wey u don pursue,wey no gree go dey give u body.
I started living a new life but it wasn’t an easy task for me bcos am addicted to women.

There was a day,i came back from market and entered the bathroom to bath, i had an erection. I took my bath thinking that it will go down,
forwhere it didnt go down. My madam and Jenny was around that evening but my boss went out. I tried my possible best to make my joystick go down but to no avail. I wore my iron pant,but it still shows. The more i think of what to do,the more harder it becomes. The thing was really a thorn in my flesh that evening.

Omo i nearly die that nite oo soon d bottom of my joystick com dey vibrate like say e wan comot. Guys too much f--k f--k dey kill oo. U go dey do am, d tin go dey sweet u and u go dey tink say dat na life. Na when u wan stop am,na dere u go knw say, beta suya, beta suya bu na-aru nnama. No dey use to girls make u no regret am for future like me, and girl also, make una stay away from s-x,make e no affect u when u marry bcos one man no go fit satisfy u sexually.

That evening was hell for me. Should i go and masturbate? I don’t even knw how to do that. I decided not to come out till my joystick will bow down. After Jenny finished preparing dinner,she called me to come and carry my food but i ignored her and the food.After they are through with eating,my boss havent come back yet. Jenny entered the kitchen and came out and went to the sitting room where my madam was. After some minute, my madam called me, i ignored her bcos i don’t want then to notice my erection. She late came inside my room and sat beside me in the bed. ***

Madam: igwe what is the problem? You are inside your room since you came back from market.

Me: am ok, Just that am extremely tired.

Madam: did you buy any drug?

Me: no.

* she called Jenny and gave her money to go and buy drug for me, i told her not to worry about the drug but she insisted, so Jenny left *

Madam: why are you not taking drugs? Whenever i told Jenny to go and buy drug for you,you always refuse why?

Me: i don’t like taking drugs.

Madam: * laughed * at this your age.

*** after some minutes,jenny entered with the drug and left my room.

My madam told me to sit up bcos am lying down and take the drug.

Immediately i stood, is like she captured what was going on inbetween my legs bcos she looked at my face. She forced me to take drug. Omo na so i com force myself take drug wey nothing dey do me.
She called Jenny to bring my food and she brought it.
She cooked beans and Yam that day. I pretended as if am not hungry but am dieing inside. She started petting me like a kid. She was inside my room till i finished eating. Upon all the discussion am discussing with my madam but my joystick still stand erect. One mind told me to bounce on her, i makes to hold her neck and drow it closer to mine, i heard a voice that saying, igwe did you remember the vow you made to me? Immediately i heard that voice,
my joystick bow. My madam looked into my eyes and i became a little bit shy. ***

Madam: * she crossed her hand on my neck igwe tell me what the problem is,you don’t seems to be comfortable since you came back from the market. I knw tiredness is included but am sure it wasn’t the source of your uncomfortable this evening. So tell me what the problem is? Am ready to help you. i was muted * talk to me,you are my best friend and i knw that am also your best friend. Lets just forget our pass and focus more on the future.

Me: aunty am ok.

Madam: what are you battling inbetween your legs?

Me: aunty, nothing.

Madam: when last did you had s-x?
i looked at her in a confused manner

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