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*** i refused to answer the call. Jenny saw the expression when the call came in and she asked me,who was calling me. I told her it’s my friend from market. I started firing her without looking back.

As i was bleeping her,the call came in again. I ignored her call again and continued with what am doing.

I bleeped her for 10mins before i c-m, i poured my c-m on her cloth beside us.

I rushed inside the bathroom and took my bath. After bathing, i rushed out, as i opened our gate, a text message came to my phone. I opened the message and it was from the girl.

The text said” don’t ever try my nos again in ur life. Goodbye”
i came out of our gate, i dialled her number, she didn’t pick. I redialled it again and she aborted it. I tried it again and she still aborted it.

I entered inside the house,straight to my room.
What have i done to myself?
When will i stop this my bad character?

What if my boss caught me with Jenny, what will be my fate?

Igwe when will you change?
Well everything lies on my hands.

After some minutes of deep thought, i was restless and soon my boss came back. Jenny was the one that opened the door for them. I stood up so i went and greet them.

My madam went inside her room soon i overheard her as she was asking Jenny if she went out.

Jenny said ”no”. But this wasn’t the cloth you wore in the afternoon when you took Your bath, my madam said.

My mind skipped. I couldn’t hear Jenny’s response bcos her voice was low.

After eating and everything that nite, i slept off.

I was in a dream that nite, i saw myself in the village playing with small children. I didn’t knw any of those children am playing with beside they are all naked. Anywhere i went to,those children will follow me. I told them to go back but they refused. As i was going,they were also following and holding my cloth. I tried all i can inorder for them to go back but they insist in following me. I held one of them and whipped him inorder to scare others but to no avail.

I picked one plank beside us and hit one of them he fall down and instead of crying,he was busy laughing. I started hitting them with that plank but none of them sustain any wound,they were busy laughing like a mad men instead of crying. I became scared,i droped the plank and pick race, they were still after me. As i was running, i opened my eyes.

I started shivering like someone who has malaria. I was wondering, what could be the meaning of that dream? I couldn’t sleep again till morning.

After my morning duty, i left our house to where i parked the bus. I started the vehicle to move, i saw the girl as she was coming. I drove off to market. When i got to the market,none of our sales girls came yet. I drove to the warehouse and was busy conveying goods to the shop till two of them came. Customers and some of our collegues who buy wholesale goods and sell in retail,were coming to and fro. My boss entered market in the afternoon. Throughout that day, i was busy supplying goods from warehouse to the shop.

I was so busy that day that i couldn’t eat throughout the day till we go home. I took my bath and went inside my room and continue reflecting on the dream to knw if i can understand anything from there but i couldn’t be able to figure out what it means.
After our dinner,my boss called me and asked,is am paying our sales girls so i told him yes. After asking me some other question,i went back to my room. I tried all i can to sleep that nite but that dream i had has already exaggerated my mind. I searched for my bible and glory be to God,i found it. I prayed with it and made vow to God, not to involve in any s-x act with any woman no matter the condition i will see myself.
After i made the vow, i slept off. I had a dream again that nite. Chai!

That dream marvels me alot to the point i wokeup with a loud voice that attracted my boss and madam inside my room.

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