Tales Of A House Boy - S01 E73

4 weeks ago

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*** After we relocated to Asaba,Delta State, we got settled. I now drive from Asaba to onitsha to the market. I couldn’t even figure out my boss’s reason for our relocation.

Our compound was made of four families. I got relaxed, atleast am now free from Rose.

The area we relocated was so cool and more especially, our street.

After one week of staying there,i haven’t knw all the people that live in that our compound.

One Sunday morning,i prepared to church{7:00am mass} with Jenny. We went to the church with our market vehicle bcos the church was somehow far. After mass that day,we drove off. As we are just coming out from the church, i saw that same girl, i disturbed back then in onitsha{the girl that ignored me when i tried to chat with her in the church in onitsha} as she was stroking to the main road to bord a taxi,i was so glad. I giggled. Jenny asked me why i giggled? I told her that i saw my former classmate. I drove to her back and horn the vehicle. She looked back and stopped. ”Please Jenny just a minute,i will be back” i said to Jenny. I came down from the bus and went close to her ***

Me: hi.

Girl: * she looked at me with a confused face * hi.

Me: how are you?

Girl: am fine.

Me: that’s good. Do you remember my face?

Girl: i can’t really tell,but is like i have met you before.

Me: we met in the church in Onitsha.

Girl: oooooh! I can now remember.

Me: so are you going to my direction? *** she asked me which direction am going. I told her and she said,she is also going to that same direction. I told her to come in. She entered and we drove off. Could you knw as we entered our street,she didn’t tell me to stop. It was when we got to our gate,that she told me,she want to come down. I asked her where she live, she told me that she lives in the next two compounds after ours. I asked her for her number and she gave me without wasting time. She went away, i opened our gate and drove in. We came back so late. When we entered the house,my boss was about to go to church while my madam was seated in the sitting room with her pregnancy. After some minutes my boss left to the church. I entered my room,i removed the cloth i wore to church. I came out from my room and entered the kitchen to help Jenny in cooking.

As Jenny and i were cooking,my madam called her. Soon she left the house and went out. My madam called me in the sitting room. I sat beside her when i entered the sitting room. She asked me what am doing and i told her, am pounding peppe and other things but am through. She asked me to bring cold water for her and i brought it. I asked her,why she didn’t go to church with my boss and she told me,she wasn’t feeling ok. She opened her mouth to talk and Jenny banged on the door. She told me to go and i rushed back to the kitchen. Jenny wasn’t happy ever since i gave that girl from the church a ride. Even as i helped her to cook,she wasn’t still happy.

That Sunday, after we are through with lunch,my boss took her wife out for Sunday flex.

So after my boss and his wife went out, i entered my room and dialled that number the girl gave me {the girl i gave a ride},the number wasn’t going through. I redialled it again and it went through. She picked up immediately ***

Girl: hello who is this. * i introduced myself to her * so how are you?

Me: am ok and you?

Girl: am fine.

Me: are you doing anything at home now?

Girl: no, any problem?

Me: yea,just small problem that you and i need to trash.

Girl: ok… Am coming. ***

hanged up. I was so excited atleast she have agreed to come out. I wore my cloth, i told Jenny that am coming, she didn’t say anything, i entered my madam’s room,where she was. I asked her, why she was moody since we came back from church. She couldnt reply me. I drow her head closer to mine, and gave her a sentional kiss. She still couldn’t talk. I tagged my mouth on hers, i started kissing her,she wasn’t responding at all. I kissed her for 3mins and she gave me a deep sound. I smiled and continued. As i was kissing her,she was jerking and moaning. I made love to her for some minutes, i even forgot that i was going somewhere, she started shaking as if i didnt bleep her that Moment she will die. I disengaged myself from her. She looked at me with a dieing eyes. She told me to enter her. I pulled my shirt and tackled her b–bs. I s—-ed her b–bs like a mad man. I pulled down my finger down to her lower chamber , she jerked. I slide my finger inside her lower chamber, chai! Jenny was already wet. I started with fingerbleep. I did that for some minutes,i unhooked my belt and freed my joystick. It was as strong as a zuma rock.

As am about to slide it inside her,my phone ranged. When i checked it,it was the girl that was calling me. I became confused in what to do,weather to continue with what am doing or to go and see the girl.

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