Tales Of A House Boy - S01 E72

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she was busy starring at me and am looking at her,eye ball to eye ball. She opened her mouth to talk and a knock came to our door. I rushed out of her room and went to the door.

When i opened it,it was my boss. My heart skipped. I greeted him and he responded.
I entered inside my room with my heart beating,
i sat down. Who knws if he was outside listening to our conversation? I thought for some minutes and undressed myself and took my bath.

After some minutes,jenny too came back. I helped my madam to prepared our dinner.

When we finished eating,my boss called me in the sitting room. My heart skipped again.
I borrowed courage and entered the sitting room. ***

Boss: tommorow, you will carry Amanda and ijeoma to the warehouse, our goods has finally arrived.

Me: thank God.

Boss: am going to send two other guys to you so that they will help you to offload our goods. Ijeoma and Amanda,their work is to write down the item’s name and the quantity they are. I hope you understood what i said?

Me: yes sir.

Boss: please make sure that the goods are been secured and arrange it well so that the warehouse with contain both the next container that will soon come back.

Me: yes sir. But wouldn’t you be around?

Boss: yes,i wouldn’t be around tommorow bcos,there is some papers i need to sign in the wholf in Lagos so that they wouldn’t push my goods to another person. The people that pushed the goods from China made a mistake. So i have to go there through my agent and sign some papers, so that the goods will be redirected to me.

Me: ok sir.

Boss: please! Please! And please! Be very vigilant so that they wouldn’t steal any of our goods.

Me: no problem sir.

Boss: you can now go back to your room. *** i went back to my room. Thank God it’s not what i thought that he said to me. My spirit were calmed so very soon i slept off.

I woke up as early as possible and did my morning duties. I got prepared and informed my boss before i went out. Immediately i came out of our gate to where i parked the bus, i saw Rose. She greeted me with a smile, i responded her.
Without wasting time,i entered the bus and starts it. She came closer to me ***

Rose: how is Jenny,has she came back?

Me: yes.

Rose: so how was her result?

Me: i don’t knw,i didn’t ask her and beside she didn’t even inform me where was going to yesterday.

Rose: ok… Maybe she forget or it might be emergency now. So where are you going to?

Me: * omo see question oo. Wetin com be her business for where i dey go * to the market naw.

Rose: hmmm.. But you are going so early naw.

Me: yea, am not going straight to the market now.

Rose: alrite so what will you buy for me when you comes back?

Me: don’t worry yourself,i will suprise you when i come back.

Rose: igwe,i thought i gave you my number the other time up till now, i haven’t see your call,not even your flashing.

Me: please Rose, we will discuss this later,i don’t want my brother to meet me out here. Please am rushing somewhere.

Rose: we will discussion it where and when?

Me: no problem,i will contact you from Jenny’s phone. Please don’t be annoy,lemme rush to where am going to.

Rose: if you say so no problem. Bye bye.

*** i drove to the market. I called Amanda and Ijeoma on phone so that they will come on time. Few minutes later,both of them came to the market. I drove to one restaurant nearby and we ate so after eating, i drove to our warehouse and we waited for some minutes before our goods came with two other guys. That day,i nearly die bcos of heat that was gushing out of my body as we are offloading the goods. We finished the offload very late in the evening. I dropped Amanda and Ijeoma to their various houses. That day i drove home like a drunkard. When i got home,i rushed inside and took my bath. I was so weak that nite that i couldn’t even greet my madam that was inside room when i came. I reclined on my bed and slept off.

Jenny wake me up and informed me that the food is ready. I told her to help me and bring it here. She told me that, my madam said that i should come to the dining table.
I managed and entered the dining table and sat beside my madam ***

Madam: what’s the problem and how was the offload?

Me: we thank God.

Madam: did you drank alcohol before coming back?

Me: alcohol! nooo. Its just that am fatigue.

Madam: sorry my dear…. *** she called Jenny to come and buy drug for me and i told her not to worry, that i will be fine. I ate with my madam in the dining. After eating,i went back to my room and slept off. I wokeup late in the morning. I regained my strength,Jenny has swept everywhere so I took my bath,after that i drank tea that my madam made for me.
after then,i drove to the market. Ijeoma and Amanda had already been in the market. I used the bus to convey goods from the warehouse to the shop.

One month later,we relocated to Asaba, Delta state.

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