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* when i came closer,she pecked me. It has been long you keep me worm, she said. I smiled. Can you now? She asked. *

Me: aunty,can i ask you a question ?

Madam: go ahead.

Me: you are becoming hug this days. Are you pregnant?

Madam: * she Looked at me with a confused face * why do you ask?

Me: nothing,is just that i will be in trouble if you are.

Madam: you will be in trouble? How?

Me: who else will be responsible if not me and you knw what that means when brother(my boss) will come back. So lets just quit this our game.

Madam: my dear,calm down and forget it. Pregnancy is a prayer of every woman so if i am through you glory be to God.

Me: but am not suppose to be the one responsible while your husband is still alive.

Madam: forget that, pregnant is pregnant no matter how you get it. So chill up and stop stressing yourself about nothing.

*** she socket her mouth on mine and laid on me. We engaged in a hot kiss so at a point, she removed her mouth from mine and located my trouser. Let me feel you Inside me now? She asked in a romantic voice.
My body is all yours, i replied. She unbelt me and broughtout my joystick, she touched the head and i moaned softly.
Undress me and be fast about it, she said. I got her undressed without wasting time. She laid on the floor and told me to enter her. Aunty, here is sitting room. I said. She stoodup and dragged me to her room. Can you f–k me from the back? She asked. I havent done that before, i replied.
F–K me from the back and make sure you satisfy me,she said.

Without wasting time, I pushed her on the bed and she fall with her face on the bed and and her b—k facing me. I separated her two legs and pushed my joystick inside her through her a$$. She gave me a soft moan. I started pumping in and out of her gently. At a point, i increased my speed. I banged her for 10mins before i turned her for her to be facing me. I banged her again for 5mins before she cummed, i withdrow my joystick from her honeypot as am about to C-m and she pushed it inside. I poured all my c-m inside her. After the s-x,i couldn’t go immediately bcos i was so fatigue. I laid beside her unclad. After some minutes,my madam’s phone ranged and she picked up.

After the call, she hurriedly stood up and ran inside the bathroom, i asked her what the problem is and she couldnt utter any word to me.
I left her room and entered the bathroom. I took my bath in a twinkle of an eye.

My madam left without telling me what the problem is.
I sat in my room, reflecting on how i disappointed God and broke the vow i made with Him.
This lady have really vow to ruin my life.
I started thinking on how i was disvirgined by Mrs sharp sharp(my teacher) and how i got her pregnant.

There was a question am asking myself repeatedly. ”why is it that any woman i go close to, find it difficult to resist me? ” I impregnated my teacher and she gave birth, now my madam is pregnant but it seems she don’t want to lemme knw, am very sure that am responsible for that. What could be My fate if my boss comes back and find out that i sowed a seed in his wife’s stomach?
What am i even turning myself into? A he-goat that goes around impregnating female goats. How will i put an end to all this my dirty secret?
I breadth down. After all this thoughts, i hate myself in that moment. How i wish, my phallic is detacheable,i would have remove it and burn it with fuel.
I dialled my madam’s number and she told me that she is driving to the airport in Asaba to pick my boss so i Hanged up.
My heart skipped,chai! I don die. I called Jenny to inform her so that she will come back quickly.

After some minutes,jenny rushed home.
Where is aunty? Jenny asked. ”She went to the airport to pick him up” i replied. ***

Me: what are you doing there since you left?

Jenny: nothing, we are just watching movie since then. Your face isn’t bright, what is the problem? * i was muted tell me naw sweety. she came closer and sat on my laps so she used her two hands and held my neck.* what is it honey ?
* she makes to kiss me, i pushed her mouth aside * why are you avoiding me?

Me:please am not in the mood for this now. Lemme think about something more important.

Jenny: so am not important to you?

Me: please! Please! And Please! I just want to be left alone for some minute.

Jenny: why did you choose to be hurting my emotions whenever i tried to be in your arms?

Me: Jenny there is time for everything. Please do as i said.

Jenny: am not leaving this your room till you answer me.

Me:Jenny what did you want from me?

Jenny: i want you to stop hurting my emotions toward you.

Me: i agreed, i wouldnt.

Jenny: lemme see it in your action .

Me: ok *** i pecked her,she held my neck tight and refused to free me. Before i could knw what is going on,my boxers was already down but my joystick wasn’t erect.

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