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* i entered the sitting room and i greeted my madam and she responded wella. My madam asked me if am catching up with the driving Jenny winks ** yes,i replied.
I moved to my room.
After one week, i learnt everything concerning driving with the help of my madam and other peoples. I due drive to market and comes back. As time goes on,
i told my madam that Jenny will be following me to the market since she was not doing anything at home. My madam agreed. The first day, i took Jenny to the market, i introduced her as my oga’s sister.
Amanda and ijeoma liked her bcos of the way she associate with them. Jenny was jovial and has a good manner of approach.
We goes to the market together and comes back till one day.

One Saturday, we prepared as usual so as we are going to the market, Jenny told me that she was hungry,that i should drive to any restaurant nearby. That morning we didnt eat in the house.
I drove to one restaurant nearby and she ordered for rice and coke. I was also hungry so i ordered for the same thing.
After for some minutes,they brought it to our table and we started to eat. ***

Me: how did you convince madam about the things you brought to the house yesterday?

Jenny: i told her that i went to my friend’s house.

Me: your friend’s house? * i asked in a suprised manner bcos i knw she has no friend yet *

Jenny: havent i told you before.

Me: told me about what?

Jenny: that day madam called you on phone and told you that am missing.

Me: yes. I didnt even remember to ask you that day.

Jenny: that day i went outside to buy sugar that i will use to make akamu(palp),
as i came out of our gate, i met one of my old secondary friend from my formal school.

Me: hmmm….. a male or female?

Jenny: female.

Me: ok…

Jenny: i followed her that day and went to her house.
Her parent was rich.

Me: how did you knw?

Jenny: i saw things by myself. If you see how their house was furnished and how many cars her father has and other things.

Me: hmmm.. Did she leave in the same street with us ?

Jenny: no, after the next two streets.

Me: You told madam that she was the one that bought all those things and she believed you?

Jenny: yes naw. You will get to knw her one day.

She told me that she will visit me before i will go back.
*** as we are eating and discussing,
chilota ( one of company’s boys that i saw in the park the other day ) he entered and we exchanged pleasantries. Jenny was looking at him in a scary manner. I asked him where he was heading to and he told me that he is going to work.
He asked me if Jenny is my sister and i told him yes. I told him to sit down and eat,
he sat down. I told the attendant to give him food. Jenny was busy giving me sign that we should go.
Jenny couldnt finish her food, she stoodup and went to the bus.

I paid for the bill, i told chilota that i will see him at the park for us to discuss something more important. For my mind, i get nothing to discuss with him just that i want to leave him.
He thanked me so much. I went to where our bus was Packed. Jenny was inside the bus already. ***

Me: did you remember him?

Jenny: ofcourse i do. Why are you associating with that arm robber?

Me: listen, he is now a changed person.

Jenny: a changed what! Igwe do you knw how many innocent souls that guy destroyed?

Me: please,he has changed.

Jenny: don’t tell me that. A murderer is always a murderer even if he change to be priest. The blood of the innocent people he shared must be following him.

Me: so what you are saying is that, God can’t forgive a murderer?

Jenny: God can but not all murderers. Igwe could you imagin that, that guy you saw over there raped me and killed one of our classmate in my formal school.

Me: * shocked * raped you!

Jenny: yes. That my friend refused to allow them make advances on her and he was the person that shot her that day.
That was the reason why i withdrow from that school.

Me: i can’t just believe this. That he raped you.

Jenny: igwe you have to bcos that guy is a devil incarnate. Avoid him,he is bad.

Me: hmm. He was one of the boys that nearly kill me bcos of princess back then in school but i have forgiven him.

Jenny: guys always forgive but igwe you have to be very careful about him. But wait,i thought he was one of the boys that was arrested in the school then.

Me: yes but his parent bailed him out. But i am still confuse, how does he pretend as if he havent met you before or has he forgotten.

Jenny: why wouldnt he forgot where he was busy rapping and murdering people. I guess he wouldnt be able to recognise those girls he had raped.

Me: na waoh. *** i started the bus and we left to the market. After everything we went home. One saturday,jenny told my madam and i that she want to visit her friend and left.

Immediately Jenny left,my madam told me to come closer,i came closer.

Some thing happened that day.

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