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*** we went to one restaurant not too far from our compound.
I ordered for one full chicken and yogurt. I don’t want to drink beer cos am unaccustomed to that and
beside, my madam will find out.
And secondly, it might lead me contrary to my vow.
I told Jenny to order for anything so she
ordered for Same yogurt and half chicken.
Thereafter, our demands was brought to our table. ***

Jenny: why did you demand for yogurt instead of alcoholic drink that other guys like you take?

Me: am unaccustom to that whereas i can’t start drinking alcoholic drinks by this time,wat as you knw that am still under the control of somebody.

Jenny: hmmm… You think right ooo.

Is true shaa but guys of nowadays don’t mind. They drink recklessly and behave like a kid like that of my so-called boyfriend.
All he knws how to do is to drink and look for who to make advances on.
I just regretted the day i met him.

Me: hmmm. You knw everybody can’t behave the same.

Jenny: i knw but he suppose to behave like A responsible guy, he is matured naw.

Me: where is he now?

Jenny: he is still in the village rooming about. His parent have tried all they can to give him a quality education but he refused to study. From one school to another,his parent decided to abandon him.

Me: some people don’t value what the have till they loose it. But you can still change him…

Jenny: change him! How?

Me: you still love him right?

Jenny: love kwa. Am planning to break up with him.

Me: no now,you don’t have to do that. Don’t break up with him bcos of his non-challant attitude, he still have some good in him just bcos his bad behaviours dominate his good one.

Jenny: * cut in * there is nothing good in him anymore.

Me: don’t say like that. Call him when you go back and talk sence into him…

Jenny: * cut in * please forget him,

i don’t love him anymore. Is you i love and am eager to do anything to have you.

Me:pplease Jenny lets just forget this issue of a thing. You knw am inlove with your friend princess.

Jenny: my dear lemme tell you, love dies once both of you are not together. For how many months have you seen her? And you are not even sure you will see her again till she marry. Who knws if she hasn’t fall for another guy.

Me: how can you say such a thing.

Jenny: i do not mean to hurt or insult you. You knw We girls easily get marry.
So please understand me and stop hurting my feelings.

Me: am not hurting your feeling.

Jenny: when you avoid me, you hurt my feelings.

Me: please Jenny, lets forget this. You have a boy friend and i also have a girlfriend so
lets forget all this and face our spouse. Remember, i am still under someone.If i agree to this your request,
it will be a problem to me.

Jenny: my dear,it wouldnt be a problem.

Me: it will be bcos as far as we live together in the same house,my boss and his wife will find out one day and you knw what it means.

Jenny: who will tell them?

Me: time shall tell.Dismantle your chicken and your yogurt lets hurry home before madam begin to suspect us.
Jenny: igwe forget that. Are we not matured enough?

Me: the way you think wouldnt be the same with theirs. Please hurry lets go.

Jenny: we are not going anyway until you give me a yes answer.

Me: Jenny please …..

Jenny: * cut in * please for what? Is please an answer to my request?
We are not leaving here till you give me a yes answer.

Me: then i have to leave you and go home.

Jenny: you can’t be serious igwe.

*** i continue with the chicken and yogurt while she was busy saying all sort of things to me inorder to convince me.
When finished, i called the attendant and paid for our expenses.

Jenny havent touch her own chicken and yogurt. ***

Me:please Jenny hurry up lets go its late.

Jenny: am not leaving here till you accepted my request.

Me:* I stood up * are you forcing me to say yes to you?

Jenny: no am not forcing you igwe,just try and knw how i feel about you.

Me: ok i understand but it must be a casual relationship.

Jenny: no problem.

*** she came closer me and hugged me. She planted a kiss on my lips. I told her to hurry up.
I looked at my time and it was 5pm. She told me that she will take those things i bought for her home but i told her not to bcos of madam. She told me to forget it that she will handle it by herself.

I told her not to mention my name if madam ask her and she said that i shouldnt worry.
When we go to our gate, Jenny told me to step back and wait for a while before coming in.
I went back to that bus again and tried to start it.
I was suprised that evening when i drove to the end of our street and drove back but whoever that saw me that day knws that i was an amateur. I parked it and went inside. I opened the door and saw my madam and Jenny in the sitting room. My madam hanged her two legs on the table and Jenny was busy tearing the chicken and the yogurt. Jenny bad oo.
How she take convince madam.

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