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*** Jenny agreed to sleep in my room. When we got to the room, i laid on the bed and she laid beside me.
We started gisting about so Many things before she shift to the edge of the bed,
so there was no body contact between us. I was suprise bcos i knw her as a sex add!ct.
After a while, i slept off and woke up with a sentional touch all over my body. ***

Madam: how was your night dear?

Me: so good. And yours?

Madam: its ok… I hope you are physicallay fit today.

Me: ooo, yes. *** i rose up from the bed and want to leave her room, she told me to forget about cleaning the house that, she and Jenny will do it by themselves. That i should wake Jenny up and tell her to prepare akamu (palp) for me.
When i entered my room, Jenny scattered herself on the bed,
she wore a transparent cloth to bed so
her pant showed. The urge for s-x entered me instantly.
Guys e no dey easy to dey with ladies wey no be your sisters for house.

My phallic was erect and ready for action. One mind told me to go and sleep with her And the other told me to abandon her bcos my madam will catch us. I entered the bathroom,i stood there so that my phallic will go down.
After some minute,it reduced so i came out and stood at the entrance of my room and called Jenny and she answered immediately and came out.
I told her what my madam asked me to tell her and she entered the kitchen.
I swept the whole house and took my bath. I waited for her to finish.

When she was through,she served me the food.
After i took the akamu, i left for market.

When i got there,Ijeoma and Amanda were already in the market so i greeted them and sat on my sit.
I went through the sales book and checked how they sold goods on my absent in the market. Ijeoma and Amanda asked me why i was absent yesterday in the market. I told them my encounter with the military men. They said, they were sorry. ***

Me: you knw i was suppose to pay you both yesterday being Friday as i pledged but i couldnt. *** i broughtout money from the drower and paid them.
Were happy and grateful. I wrote down the amount of money i paid them and date.
In the evening,when we closed for the day, i went home with some money that we will use to prepare food on Sunday.

I gave my madam the money. At the night,after Jenny finished cooking and we ate, i sat in the parlour with my madam and we were gisting. ***

Me: aunty how did i got to the hospital?

Madam: it was a man who passed by when you fainted.

Me: i fainted!

Madam: yes you did according to the man that brought you to the hospital.

Me: chai! So if not for that man,i would have been a dead man by now.

Madam: you don’t have to say such a thing my dear. Nothing would have happen to you.

Me: amen! How did you located the hospital, i was admitted?

Madam: the man that brought you to the hospital called me with your number so i rushed to the hospital.

Me: ok… *** We gist about so many things before i told her that was feeling dizzy that i want to go inside and she said ok.

I went to bed. In the morning,jenny and i went to church. During the holy communion hour, i didnt receive it bcos i was not baptized then,i was born and brought up in Pentecostal church. Pentecostal churches don’t do enfant baptism but catholic do.if you are a Christian you will understand that.
Aft church dismissal,we started going home ***

Jenny: igwe you didnt receive holy communion why?

Me: i attended Pentecostal church in the village so when i came here and find out that my oga and madam worship in catholic
i had no other alternative than to join them,
So i am not baptised.

Jenny: na waoh! Maybe you have to talk to aunty,
she might help you talk to the parish priest.

Me: ok… Jenny there is something i want to ask you…

Jenny: what is that?

Me: is our aunty pregnant?

Jenny: haaa. Is obvious naw.

Me: hmmm….. *** thunder don fire me be dat. I knw say na my hand work. So na bcos of dat na im make her bought cloth and other tins for me. Chai!
Na so my boss go pursue me when he comes back. Nwanyia araputakwanu m ooo. ***

Jenny: are you ok, this one you are silent?

Me: am ok.. *** when we got home,
madam was in the kitchen cooking. I pulled my cloth and joined her in the kitchen. Jenny entered and she told her to go and rest,
she left the kitchen. I helped her to pound pepper and other things. After cooking, we ate together and i told my madam that i want to go out and she allowed me to go.

I wore my cloth and i also pocket the motor key.
When i got outside where the bus was packed,
i entered, i wanted to start it but i was afraid,so i called my madam and she came out with Jenny.

She taught me how to start it and move and also the brake.
Thereafter, she went inside but Jenny didnt follow her.
I abandoned the motor and went out to flex with Jenny.

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