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*** i moved my body a bit to knw who lied beside me. I couldnt see the person’s face cos there was no light in my room.

I searched for my phone and saw it beside the bed and i pressed it and the screen light shows, i drow it closer and behold it was Jenny.
I was amazed and i wiped my eyes again to knw if am dreaming or what. I sat on the bed immediately and faced her ***

Me: * with a low voice * Jenny what are you doing here?

Jenny: what is that suppose to be?

Me:please,go back to our room.

Jenny: i wouldnt.

Me: do you want to put me in trouble?
What if my madam enter here now and see you,
what do you think that will happen?

Jenny: whatever that will happen, let it happen.

Me: Jenny what do you want this night?

Jenny: now you are talking my baby boy.

Me: please stop and head the nail at the head.

Jenny: igwe i knw that am not suppose to say this but i have to bcos it has been hurting me.

Me: please say what it is and be fast.

Jenny: after that day You came with princess to our house in the village,
i see myself falling inlove with you, and …

Me: *cut in* please tommorow, we will discuss that, this is not the right hour and time to discuss such an issue.
Please go back to your room now.

Jenny: are you sending me out?

Me: no but due understand please.

Jenny: i can’t just leave like that.

Me: * i drow her closer and planted a kiss on her forehead * are you happy now?

Jenny: no. *** i planted the kiss on her lips and she held my head. I kissed her for a few minute and our lips got separated.
She rose up from the bed and left my room.
My phallic stood erect when she left.
I laid down on the bed and was imagining what could have happen,
if my madam enters. Who knws weather she heard our conversation,my heart skipped. I thought for a while and slept off.

In the morning,when i woke up,i saw my madam in the
sitting room. I greeted her, i asked her if she slept here and she said yes,
that the heat was too much and she decided to sleep here.
I Said ok.
I breadth down,atleast am sure now that she didnt
overheard our conversation.
She entered her room and i started sweeping the house. After my morning duty, i took my bath and wore one military colour tri-quarter nicker and white shirt,

i told my madam that am off to the market and she told Jenny to go and make tea for me.
Jenny went to the kitchen and i entered the sitting room and sat to wait for her while my madam was lying on the bed.
After some minutes,Jenny called me to come and carry my tea.
I entered the kitchen, Jenny starred at me and i ignored her. I carried my tea to the sitting room.
After taking the tea, i left to the market.
In the evening,when we closed shop.
As am waiting for bus with some other people around me,
one army man passed by and came back and told me to follow him.
You knw say na only tin wey dey vex army people na stubbornness.
Once army man call you, if you carry yourself jeje go answer am, dey go reduce ur punishment but if u wan prove say u be real niga my broda
Na ur grave wey u dey dig unknowingly.

I followed him, all the people around the place was just looking at me,
some of them were following us small small so that the army man will not find out.
When we reached their checkpoint,
he ordered me to lie down, without hesitating, i lied down.
The man that called me said,”who gave you the military right to wear this colour of cloth?”

i couldnt say anything bcos i don’t knw what to say.
He repeated the question again, i couldnt still talk. He told me to stand up,i stoodup.
He gave me a thunder slap “gbozaaa”,
i staggered and he landed another one on my other cheek and i felt down with tears.
He started whipping and marching me with his booth. When i opened my eyes,i saw my self on a one man bed and a dripp beside me, i saw
my madam with two girls(nurse) around me. “Where am i ?” i asked.

“You are in the hospital ofcourse” my madam replied.
What happened to me? I asked. My madam said that i should
stop bothering myself.
I remembered what happened yesterday evening,i kept my mouth shut. I was feeling some pain all over my body. I was so weak that morning.
My madam prepared tea for me and she left. After some minute, she came back ***

Madam: drink your tea so that nurse will give you injection and some drugs.

Me: am not hungry.

Madam: are you going to take a drug on an empty stomach?

Me: i want to go home now.

Madam: doctor said that it will be in the evening. Please drink your tea.
*** i couldnt still touch the tea and my madam started feeding me with the tea and bread. Walahi! I enjoyed it like die.

After everything,we went home and Jenny prepared a delicious meal that evening.

My madam told Jenny to put our food on a single plate.
After eatin, she said that i have to sleep in her room so that she will take care of me and Jenny will sleep on my room.
“I hope say she no carry anytin for mind” i asked myself.

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