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*** when i finished with my morning duties,
Jenny was still sleeping. I went to the kitchen and made tea and drank.
Jenny was still sleeping,na waoh! Which kin girl be dis one naw.

I entered my room and dressed up and was about to go to market and i woke her up ***.

Me: Jenny why did you sleep here? I thought,
my madam’s room were open.

Jenny: i can’t sleep in that room only me.

Me: why and why didnt you tell me that you wouldnt sleep there?

Jenny: i thought i will but when i entered that room and slept off,i had a terrible nightmare and i woke up, i was scared so
i decided to sleep here.

Me: hmmm….. Nightmare! Ok,am off to the market,so take care of the house.

Jenny: ok… I want to follow you and go.

Me: not today maybe next time.

Jenny: why not today?

Me: i can’t wait for you to dress up now cos am late and
secondly madam will soon be back.

Jenny: ok… Till evening naw.

Me: ok…
*** i left to the market.
On getting there, Amanda was already in the shop.
We exchanged pleasantries and she even pecked me.

Thereafter,i settled down on my chair ***

Amanda: igwe there is something i want to discuss with you.

Me: ok… Am listening.

Amanda: igwe you knw, our boss pays ijeoma and i every last week of the month and last week was one month our boss travelled and we kept silent bcos we thought he instructed you on how to be paying us but i guess he
didnt do that, am i right?

Me: yea,he didnt tell me.

Amanda: please try and contact him and
ask him about that.

Me: no problem,i will pay both of you on Friday.

Amanda: wouldnt you contact him before paying us?

Me: leave that to me, i will handle it myself.

Amanda: thank you so much.

Me: uwl…

*** we started to discuss some other things before my phone rang and it was my madam,
i picked up immediately ***

Me: hello ma, good morning.

Madam: hello, did Jenny told you where she was going to?

Me: is she not at home?

Madam: yes,she is not at home.

Me: she was at home when i left. Na waoh! Where will she be now?
Aunty have you call her number?

Madam: i don’t have her number, did you have her contact?

Me: no i didnt. Aunty maybe she went outside to buy something,
just calm down she will be back.

Madam: i have been waiting for her over past 30mins, what hell is she buying outside for over 30mins?

Me: hmmm….. I don’t knw what to say about this. But just calm down first.

* she hanged up. *

Amanda: who called you?

Me: my madam.

Amanda: i hope all is well, this one you are telling her to calm down?

Me: it is my boss cousin sister that came to our house few days ago,

Amanda: what happened to her?

Me: i left her at home this morning,
so when my madam came back,she was nowhere to be found.

Amanda: is madam not at home?

Me: yes, she went out yesterday morning and couldnt come back that yesterday till this morning.

Amanda: so none of you have her number?

Me: yes.

Amanda: is she a teenager?

Me: no…

Amanda: why are you and madam bothering yourself over her?
She is no more a teenager, so she will be back now.

Me: i just hope so.

*** ijeoma entered and greeted us,

i was suprised the way she greeted us.
We all started co-operating normal. In the evening when we closed shop and Amanda left immediately bcos she told me she was going to church for their youth program.
I told Ijeoma that i will visit her on Sunday to knw where she lives but
she told me that she was living with her older sister.
She further told me that,she will let me knw when her older sister will not be around.
After discussing with Ijeoma for a while,

she left and i called my madam to knw if Jenny has returned and she told me that she had returned.
I bought apple fruit for her and went home.

When i entered our house,my madam was seated in the parlour and i greeted her,
she replied back. She asked me, how was my day and other things.
My madam’s tommy was increasing every day. Is she pregnant or what?
Hmm,lemme just dey look am like DSTV.

My madam asked me, what am holding and i told her that it was an apple i bought for her.
I gave her the apple and she took it. Chai! See as i dey mumu like a goat
I left the parlour and saw Jenny in the
kitchen cooking and i didnt talk to her so that my madam will not be jeolous or suspect us.
I took my bath and relaxed inside my room. After for some minutes, my madam called me.
I entered the parlour and she gave me a black nylon and i took it from her. ***

Me: aunty, who has this?

Madam: its for you.

Me: me!

Madam: yes…. It is what i bought for you from where i travelled to yesterday.

Me: thank you so much.

*** i left the parlor to my room. When i opened it,it was boxers and singlet.
When Jenny finished cooking, my madam called me to the parlor to come and eat with them.

I ate with them and went back to my room.

I slept off and wokeup in the midnite by a hand moving around my body.
I jerked up to knw who was that.

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