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*** i entered my room without uttering any word to Jenny.
I went to the bathroom and bath by then, Jenny was in the parlor watching television.
After drying my body,i went to the parlor and she was enjoying herself with a roasted corn and pears.

I sat on a chair beside hers. I looked at her and she focused more on the Television ***

Me: Jenny long Time….

Jenny: hmmm….. No see ooo.

Me: how is village now.

Jenny: they are all fine ooo.

Me: where is aunty ?

Jenny: she didnt tell me where she was going to when she left in the morning but
she said that she will be back in the evening.

Me: na waoh,she would have told you where she was going to.
Anyway,that’s her own cup of tea.

This world can never stop amusing me. I couldnt even imagine seeing you again.

Jenny: me to. But igwe,why are you muted since
yesterday you saw me?

Me: my dear,i was statued when i saw you yesterday,
it was shocked when i saw you.
And secondly,i did that so that my aunty wouldnt notice,
that we knw each other to avoid suspect.

Jenny: ok… So how is princess,i hope you are hearing from her.

Me: after that time i told you that her number wasn’t going true, i haventt contact her since then.

Jenny: na waoh! What about her parent,
you should have consult them maybe either of them will give you her contact or didnt they knw you?

Me: they did somehow but i don’t knw how it will sound to them and their reactions. I didnt go there bcos am scared.

Jenny: how can you be scared of them?
I knw both of you loved each other,you would have gone there and hear what they have to say.
You knw princess can never ask her parent for your number bcos she knew that they wouldnt do that
so you are the one to contact her.

Me: its true.

Jenny: anyway if both of you are meant to be together,
you guys must surely see each other one day.

Me: i just pray so.

Jenny: so igwe,what are you doing here? I know that you are intelligent and a hardworking guy so how come you are here? Why did you drop out from school?

Me: * i breadth down * Jenny,it’s a long story.

Jenny: then make it snapy.

Me: after our wassce exam, i lost my dad,that day was the day,
my hope,my ambition and my dream died. My mum can’t further my education and my senior brother is not financially balance.

So i have to drop out from school to look for something doing inorder to stand like a man,so here are mine.

Jenny: am so sorry for the Death of your father. Was princess around when all this happened?

Me: yes,she is,she slept in our house the day before the burial of my dad.

Jenny: she didnt tell me about all this things. Anyway am so sorry my dear.
It will be well,just focus on the future and don’t allow bad friends to decieve you. Be more focus on your future and
i knw that God must surely bless you.

Me: amen ooo. Thanks.

Jenny: you are welcome my dear.

*** we discussed a little before i went back to my room.
I broughtout my phone and dialled my madam’s
number and she picked up with a romantic voice.
I asked her, where she is? She told me that she went somewhere that she will be back either this night or in the morning.
She jokingly warned me not to go close to Jenny,
that guys of nowadays can do undo,

i laughed. Please tell Jenny to warm that soup in the fridge, both of you should use it for dinner and also show her where i kept the semovita and other things, she said.
I said ok and hanged up. I called Jenny and she entered my room and i delivered the message,
my madam asked me to.
After for some minutes, she told me that she is done with the food that i should come to the parlor so that both of us will eat.
I entered parlor and we ate together.

Thereafter,i laid on the floor as we watch television together and gist also.

At a point,i started feeling dizzy and i told her that i want to go inside the room and sleep.
She said ok and i entered in and small time i slept off.
I woke up early in the morning and i stretch my legs
and it touches someone, i looked closely and it was Jenny lying beside me.
Eeh…! What kind of a thing be dis one naw?
I lowered my eyes down to her a$$ and the cloth she wore was mini and i sighted the way to her honeypot.

My dickson started bulging.. Chai! I don die,which kin temptation be dis naw?
Why devil dey punish me like dis naw?

What i was hearing on my head that moment was ”f–k her” f–k her”

my dickson became hot.
Should i enter dis babe or gbadu her? I decided not to go contrary to the vow i made with God. I left my room and entered bathroom and i used
bcos of my election and bath that morning to knw if my dickson will go down.
After i finished bathing,i commence with my morning duties.

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