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*** i was shocked when i saw Jenny and she too.

My mouth was widely opened as she was stood at my front.
My madam asked me from the parlor, who is that?
I pretended so that she wouldnt find out that we knew each other.
Aunty,is brother’s ( my boss ) cousin, i replied.
I ushered her in and she sat beside my madam as they
greet. I left them and entered my room.

My mind couldnt rest,
chai! This world can never stop amusing me some times.
After some minutes,my madam called me and i rushed in immediately and she gave me money to go and buy cold malt for Jenny since the one we have in the fridge are not cold.
I went out to buy it, immediately i opened our gate, i saw that same fair ugly girl that my madam met me with that day my
madam came back from village.

I waved at her and she told me to stop and i stopped to knw what it is. ***

Girl: igwe how are you?

Me: am fine and you?

Girl: am ok.

Me: please remind me your name again.

Girl: is Rose.

Me: ah, rose, it has been a while now.

Where have you been? * am just asking her so that our conversation will not be boring *

Rose: am around naw.

Me: but i havent seen you.

Rose: * jokingly * did you look for me?

Me: yes naw.

Rose: hmmm, Ok. So where are you heading to?

Me: i want to buy something from the next store.

Rose: lemme escort you.

Me:no no no… Don’t bother yourself.

Rose: is your aunty in?

Me: yes,she was the one that send me to buy something there.

Please lemme rush and buy it for her before she nagg at me.

Rose: ok,go and buy it,
i will be waiting for you here.

Me: *** waiting for me ke?
God deliver from this girl. *** i don’t think i will come out if i go inside now bcos we have a visitor. Maybe tommorow or next,
infact anyday i have chance.

Rose: just tell me the day.

Me: ok, tomorrow or next.

Rose: give me your number naw so that i will call you.

Me: am the one that will call you,

so give me your number.
* i gave her my phone and she added her number and gave me back. * is there any important thing that you want to discuss with me,
this one you bent on seeing me.

Rose: when you come first.

Me: ok… *** i left her and ran to the next store and bought malt,
as i was going back,i deleted that number Rose gave me and
i rushed back to the house.
I presented the malt to Jenny and left them.
I went back to my room with so many thoughts on my mind.
How will i cope with this two women?
My life is in danger,i knw Jenny like me back then and i also like her.

What did this girl called Rose want from me? What have i done to this women for Christ sake?
So many thoughts were running through my mind that nite but i couldnt invent any useful answer until i slept off and woke up in the morning,
i did my morning duties and got prepared to go when my madam came out from her room and i greeted her ***

Me: aunty,am off to market.

Madam: what about your breakfast,
wait lemme make tea for you.

Me: aunty you don’t have to stress Yourself. If i get to the market,i will eat,
don’t worry.

Madam: who told you am stressing myself?
Am not complaining.
*** she entered the kitchen and pluged water and i went back to my room.
I dey fear dis my madam gud behaviour towards me dis days.
Who knws what she is upto dis time around.
Lemme just dey look am now.
After for some minutes,she called me to come and carry my tea.
I drank the tea with bread and left.
I went to the market and met Bathlomeo seated infront of our shop ***

Me: guy wetin naw,why u com block my shop ?

Bathlomeo: wetin dey do u sef? Una shop dey open? Na waoh for u.

Me: weda i open my shop or not,
i don’t want you to sit here again. Na abeg wey i dey beg.

Bathlomeo: igwe wetin i do u?

Me: i don tell u finish.

Bathlomeo: na u i dey ask question.

Me: no ask me that nonsense question again.

Bathlomeo: igwe why u com dey avoid me like dis naw?
If i do anytin to u abeg tell me make i ask for 4giveness,we are friends.

Me: i don need ur Friendship,keep it to yourself. *** i opened our shop.
After for some minutes,Amanda and ijeoma came to market.
My phone ranged immediately,i checked it and it was unknwn number and i picked up ***

Me: hello.

Caller: hi igwe. How are you?

Me: am fine and you?

Caller: am fine too.

Me: please,
who am i speaking with?

Caller: is Beatrice, your madam’s sister.

Me: oh! How are you doing?

Beatrice: am doing well.
How is business?

Me: we thank God, business is going well.

Beatrice: i really miss you wella,
how i wish, i have chance, i would have come.

Me: *** eeeh! Com do wetin?
Abeg no com here before una kill me for dis house.
I still dey think how to cope with ur sister and Jenny,
u wan come join your own. God will never allow u to have chance. *** eeeyah. No problem,you will still have chance.

*** we talked small before she hangup.
Amanda and ijeoma starred at me when i droped my phone.
In the evening,i went home and met only Jenny at home.

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