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*** when she ushered me in,i was uncomfortable bcos of her mood.

Were she not the one that invited me?
Why does she frowned her face?
Her room was not well decorated but she arranged everything in other. I sat down on her bed bcos they was no chair in her room. ***

Me: how are you?

Amanda: am not fine igwe.

Me: i see…. Is that why you didnt come to market for two days now?

Amanda: no.

Me: my ears are all open,
lemme hear what the problem is.

Amanda: * still frowned * igwe,i want you to tell me nothing but the truth.

Me: and what’s that?

Amanda: what you were discussing with Bathlomeo,
was it true?

Me: was that why you summoned me??

Amanda: yes igwe, just tell me the truth.

Me: anyway,i have nothing to do with my madam….

Amanda: and what was that you told Bathlomeo?
* i don die,how will i fabricate lies and confuse her * igwe, you knw i love you from the first day i saw you,
don’t conceal anything for me. Common just tell me what the
Problem is. If you are playing game with her as i heard you the other day,
you better lemme knw and i promise,

it will be a secret between you and i. *** should i tell her the whole truth or not?
If i unveil this to her,she might use it to blackmail me or something else
but on a second thought,
she might have a solution to my problem between my madam and i.*** common igwe,am listening..

Me: what you heard was true.
It all started when my boss left the country,
one evening when i came back from market,
my madam wasn’t at home, i entered the bathroom to bath and i left the bathroom door open. When i finished and turned around and
i saw my madam as she stood at my back,
i rushed my towel and tied it on my waist and ran inside my room.

Amanda: hmmm….. So bad.

Me: my mind couldnt rest that evening bcos my consent whipped me alot.
I went to her room that evening and asked her for forgiveness but she didnt say anything to me but waved at me to go.
After that day,she stopped to talk to me as usually,
until one day,i came back from market,
as i stood at the door,
i heard a moan from inside,and as i waited to knw if i will hear it again and the moan echoed out,

i opened the door and i saw my madam masturbating with the bathroom door opened.

Amanda: Jesus!!

Me:I went outside to wait for her to finish.
I was outside for more than 20mins before
i entered inside and she was still busy and i snicked to my room. * Amanda laughed * when she finished and came out,

i greeted her and she was amazed.
She asked me how i managed to enter my room and i explained how i entered.
After that day she started to use harsh words on me,
she even poured water on me the next day as i was sleeping.

Amanda: hmmm…..

Me: in the evening of that day she poured water on me,
she lured me into having s-x with her..

Amanda: why did you do that?

Me:is not my fault, she threaten to inform my oga that i entered the bathroom,where she was bathing.
And she might lay another accusation on me

Amanda: hmmm…..

Me: she told me to sleep in her room last week and i refused,
we started living like cat and rat.

Amanda: na waoh so Anita your madam can do such a thing? But igwe what if you got her pregnant ???

Me: that is why am scared.

Amanda: this is a serious case ooo….

Me: i just hope you can help me to find solution to it…

Amanda: i wish,
i can but no problem,lets be going.

Me: ok… Please don’t let any other ear to hear it.

Amanda: trust me igwe. I prepared something…

Me: what did you prepared?

Amanda: as usual Sunday food naw.

Me: ok…

* she entered her cupboard and dished out food and we started to eat. *

Me: i hope your guy wouldnt meet me here ooo? Before somebody scarter my head.

Amanda: * she laughed * which guy?

Me: haa..

Amanda: eat joor, i no knw wetin you dey talk ooo…

Me: does it mean you don’t have any?

Amanda: yes….

Me: then tell me,who is refreshing this your lips that has been shining like Pawpaw.

Amanda: amibo does it concern you… But igwe why did you made me wet the other day in your room?

Me: so only kiss can wet you? Na waoh for you… Is it not like this i did it that day
*** i magnated my mouth on hers.
We kissed for some minutes and i laid her on her bed,
i dipped my two hands inside her bra and broughtout her bossom and i s----d it real hard.
She was still with her spoon when the action was on.
I unclad her and her bossom wasnt firm like that,
i kissed her from head to her toe,

she was hitting her spoon on my head and moaning at the same time.
I decided to fingerbleep her but no time so i unclad myself.
I added one pillow under her waist for full penetration.
I pushed the head of my dickson inside her and she gave me a soft moan that vibrated my body, i would have c-m that time but i coded it.
As am about to fire on,
my phone ranged.

I checked it and it was my boss calling with his Nigerian number.

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