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After smith stood for a while without saying anything to the doctor, he finally demanded that the doctor tells him who bribed him to give that fake report. The doctor said nothing.

When he couldn’t get the doctor to talk, he demanded that his wife should be discharged immediately, because he can no longer trust the doctor with her. And he threatened to get the doctor arrested immediately.
The doctor got so afraid after the threat, and he finally confessed that Mr. Chukwuma Okeke bribed him with 10million naira, and also threatened to kill him if he doesn’t do what he asked of him.

‘Chucks!’ ‘D--n!’ he hit the table hard and left the doctor’s office.

Just then, he saw Dammy and her elderly husband; a short round man, with little pot belly and a bald head.

He had earlier called her and to inform her about Tonia’s accident.

‘We’re so sorry about what happened’ Dammy’s husband began, with his strong Yoruba accent.

‘Thank you’ Smith said paying no attention.

‘Where is she? Are we allowed to go and see her? Dammy asked calmly.

Because Smith has forgotten to ask the doctor if he can go and see his wife, he lied that they can’t see her today, until tomorrow morning.

‘Take heart, my dear. You should go and rest, you look tattered and battered’ Dammy’s husband added, and Dammy smiled a bit.

Smith began to wonder why Chucks did that to him.
He thought it must be because, initially Tonia was assigned to Chucks by their Boss, but later on the boss felt Smith will be able to carry out the task better, so the boss gave Chucks another lady who is not as rich as Tonia. But Chucks wanted Tonia.

Even at that, Smith cannot wrap his head around why Chucks decided to lie about his fertility. How will that be helpful to him? He wondered.

The thought of confronting Chucks came, but he resides in Abuja.

Impatient Smith decided to comfront him over the phone, but after a second thought, he stopped. Chucks can be dangerous and smart, he might kill the doctor for doing that, or the boss might get Chucks killed for betraying a brother. The rule is, don’t get attached to the women, but you can have children. But if having children will get you attached, then don’t have them. Also don’t ever betray a brother, the penalty is death.

The rule is there because, once you get attached, you will not want to exploit them.
Things just got more twisted for Smith.

‘We will be taking our leave now, is past 11pm already and my wife works in the bank. You know how Lagos can be now…’ Dammy’s husband explained.

‘No problem sir. Ese sir I’m grateful. Thank you Dammy, I’ll give you a call once she gets better’ Smith said trying very hard to compose himself.

He walked them down the hospital corridor, and found his way back to where he was sitting initially before he left with the doctor.

He finally decided to flashback to how he got himself into this mess.

He remembered when he met Chucks as a fresh graduate. Chucks had a lot of money, and Smith was from an extended family. His father had 3wives, and his mother is the first wife, and he is the first son of his mother. Things were really tight for the family. His father was late, leaving his poor mum who fries akara in Ibadan to suffer. All eyes were on him to assist the family.

He approached Chucks and Chucks introduced him to this business. Usually, if the woman doesn’t want to willingly share her money with you as the husband, you are free to kill her and inherit her property. They go for rich single women because they are usually the most vulnerable and more desperate. Despite that, you cannot go to them without a backing, because some of them are careful enough not to fall into such traps.

As soon as you join, you’ll take a concoction called the sanctification drink to purify your tongue, so that whatever you tell the lady, she will love you instantly and accept you. Chucks once mentioned that the drink is made of snake poison and honey with other Spiritual incantations. Before you meet the lady, you are suppose to take it. But it was different with Tonia, she liked him even before he used the sanctification drink.

After the first stage, you take 3months full time course to study women, their psychology, how they think, what they like and what gets the attracted to men. During those three months, you are expected to cover more than 30 books on women. You will also be taught how to dress, eat and speak before women of high class.

After those intense training, you can now meet the woman assigned to you by the boss.
Aliya became the first victim of Smith. He did the job so well that he left her with nothing. 25℅ of Her wealth changed his life and that of his family. The remaining 75℅ goes to the boss because of the money spent on you to polish you to their standard.

Within 4years, he rendered her useless. She became a drug addict as a result of the trauma. And their baby was sent to the orphanage by her relatives who warned her about marrying Smith.

They lived in The US. After he drained her, he returned to Nigeria.

One day, he met her in Lagos and intentionally crashed her with his car, which led to her dumbness and loss of teeth, it also led to his limping.

Now he is in love of Tonia, but life has a different thing instal for him.

‘Hello sir, good morning.’ A beautiful nurse with a friendly Smile, woke him up.

Unknowingly for Smith, he slept off on the hospital tiles. With a blurry eyes, he looked at the nurse.

“Is it morning already?’ he asked
trying to stretch his arms.

‘Yes sir.’

‘Can you please call the nurse in charge of my wife? I don’t seem to find her anywhere.’ He said while trying to stretch his neck to see if he can find her.

‘I am the one in charge of your wife now, sir. The other nurse is off duty. Your wife will be ready to go by 8am’. This is just 6:40am you can go home and freshen up, you look exhausted.’

‘No, I’ll wait for her. I can’t find my phone? Who took my phone?’ Smith asked the nurse as he tried to check his pocket and his surrounding.

‘The security is tight here sir, no one will take your phone without us noticing’ she explained.

‘But I can’t find it anywhere, its an Iphone x.’

‘D--n! That phone contains a lot!’

He stood up and kept asking the people around. But no one seem to know.

‘I’ll track that phone in a bit, and I’ll deal with the thief!’ He threatened.

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