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Smith rushed Tonia to the hospital, in black pyjamas and a singlet. She was rushed to the Emergency Room; by four nurses, trying to helpful; wheeling her to the room.

Another nurse directed Smith to the waiting room, but he wouldn‘t let go of Tonia’s hands; that was motionless and lying helplessly.

They passed the nurses desk, which looked more like a gist center; with lots of laughs, although the rule is of ‘shhh..‘

There was a TV hanging in a corner, tuned to NTA, that has always been they channel tuned, whenever you go to that hospital, because the remote control is lost, and the TV is too high for the nurses to reach.

Some nurses no longer wear white starched uniform, neither are they wearing white shoes, other nurses and orderlies walking by; with their sensible shoes squeaking on the pristine tiles.

Tonia was wheeled through the shining clean, long corridor. You could see the signs in green light saying ‘EXIT’ at the entrance door.

Smith look at the numbered rooms along the long corridor, some were opened, his eyes caught a glimpse of a patient sleeping. And he saw another patient with oxygen tubs applied at his nose.

He began to wonder what would be of Tonia.

He followed the nurses to the one which has ‘EMERGENCY ROOM’ written on it.

Finally a nurse managed to disconnect his hands from Tonia’s, then door was shut at him.

Devastated Smith clung to the wall, slowly sliding his back on it, as he made his way down to the tiled floor. He used his to hand to cover his face hopelessly.

Slowly, he began to drench them with tears.

‘Oh God!’

He roared like a wounded loin, and it drew the attention of everyone including a pregnant woman eating apple, who was also waiting at the waiting room.

He wept like a baby, trampling his feet on the tiles, people around began to wonder what could possibly make a man cry with so much agony.

A smallish nurse in her pure white overseized uniform came by, to see if the could calm the weeping man.

‘Sir please, get up from the floor and have a sit’ she said pointing at a black couch where the pregnant woman was sitting.

Smith didn‘t say a word to her. He looked like a drunkard; perhaps intoxicated by his tears.

‘Sir?’ the nurse added politely.

‘Get out of here! Leave me alone! Smith got up and jerked the nurse by the collar of her uniform.

The frightened nurse tried to see how she can save herself from his grip. She tried to remove his hands, but he over powered her.

‘Kill me now! You absolutely have no single idea of what I am going through!’ he continued with a fresh anger on his face.

A few nurses came to the rescue of their dear colleague.

‘Sir this is a hospital; we have patients here. We don’t tolerate noise.‘ A doctor said to him.

‘Of you continue behaving this way, I am sorry, we will have to involve the security.’ He added

‘I’ he said pointing at himself.

‘I am in pain!’ he threw the words at the nurse and some of the particles of his saliva accompanied the statement, releasing her to the mercy of gravity, which had no compassion on her, but to throw her to the beautiful tiled floor.

‘Abeg, everybody get en own wahala‘ the pregnant woman eating apple said as she hissed.

‘What’s this barbaric behavior?‘ a nurse complained.

Smith limped his way to a corner and sat quietly, with agony boldly written on his face.

What will befall Tonia? How did Aliya find him? Who should he call first; his friends, Tonia‘s friend or her father?

Tonia lay motionlessly in the low light room, which has a mini blind on it, and a view of the roof of an adjoining building.
By her left was an electric machine sitting cart with odd wires leading from it. By her right, was a privacy curtain hanging from a track on the ceiling.

The bed side table had nothing except a telephone which wasn‘t working.

There was an oxygen tub on her nose, and wires glued to her chest, and coming up through the neck of the blue hospital gown; the most embarrassing garment invented that has no back and lets every human know what the under wear look like.

Tonia looked like a living corpse.

After some time, the door to the ER was popped open, and the doctor, and a nurse walking behind him came out with her sensible shoes squeaking on the pristine tiles.

Smith managed to drag himself up immediately he saw them.

‘There is nothing to worry about. She will be absolutely fine, she just needs to rest’. The doctor an elderly man; wearing a brown plain trousers, which obviously looked oversized, tucked to the stomach with a white shirt, with his lab coat, announced those comforting words to him.

The news went down to his ears like chilled water running down his throat. It felt like all the news he needed to have a perfect night.

‘Doctor, what about the bleeding? Is the baby safe?’

‘Everything is okay Mr. Smith. I’m sure you don‘t remember me’ the doctor said, smiling at Smith.

‘I am the doctor who operated on you when you had your accident some years ago’ the doctor reminded him.

Smith stared at him for a while, and gave an exclaiming remark.

‘Yes! I now remember… Doctor Charles, right?’

‘Right!’ the Doctor affirmed and they both looked happy.

‘Please come with me to my office, there are things I’d like to discuss with you.‘

‘Okay sir. Relieved Smith limped his way to the doctor’s office.‘

Smith thanked God along the way to the doctor‘s office.

People, who witnessed the incident that happened initially, looked at him weirdly; as if to say ’The mad man has been transformed.

As usual, the doctor‘s office had posters of the human anatomy pasted on the wall. A small table with quiet a number of books, a skeletal system standing beside the doctor’s seat and a weight measuring equipment on the floor close to the table.

‘Have a seat.’ The doctored offered.

‘Thank you sir.’

‘Your wife will be fine by God’s grace. Get her these drugs‘ he handed over a paper he had written the name of some drugs on, to him. Smith looked like the strange writing, like the traces of a birds feet left on the sand.

‘Please, pay attention to your wife, don’t stress her, make sure she is eating well and resting well.
For now, she should not be given any form of shock or surprise, because it might affect her health‘. The doctor instructed.

‘No problem doctor, I’ll take very good care of her.‘ He assured him.

‘Ummm… I think that should be all. She should be ready to leave by tomorrow morning.’

‘Alright doctor. Can I leave now?’

‘Yes, but Mr. Smith, before you take you leave, there is something I will like to tell you‘.


‘It is more like a confession.’

Smith adjusted his seat to listen carefully.

‘I gave my life to Christ last year,
He began. ‘and I am ready to bear the cost of any punishment.

Please have a place in your heart to forgive me for what I am about telling you.
The devil was in charge of my life then. I am now born again.‘

The look on Smith‘s face reads like ‘how does that affect me and why the long speech?

‘Go straight to the point Doctor, I’m getting impatient.‘ he complained.

To clear his questions, the doctor continued.

‘As a result of that; I’m mending my old ways.‘

‘ow…k?’ Smith said still clueless to what the doctor means.

The doctor gave a moment of silence and a huge sigh. Then he confessed.

‘I faked your impotency result 6years ago. Please forgive me.

I‘m ready to take any punishment you decide to place on me by the law. Someone bribed me to do so. I’m so sorry‘

‘Wow! Like seriously? Angry Smith said as he banged the doctor’s desk.

‘Come you again, I mean who paid? Why? How?’ Smith got up from his seat confused.

Almost jerking the doctor, who saved his neck by shifting.

He placed his right hand on his waist and his left on his forehead, backing the doctor.

While the doctor, stood close to the skeleton and buried his head in shame, uttering nothing atall.

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