Say Hi To Aliya - S01 E05

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Smith’s heart was beating like a parade drum. Tonia could see it from his eyes ragging with fear, his eyes got clouded with tears, but he can’t let it out.

‘Who is Aliya?’ He asked sounding so worried.

‘I don’t know her too. This is the first time I’m speaking with her.’

‘Why do you look so afraid?Tonia looked so concerned.

‘Af, what? Noo, me? Why now? He said looking away

Tonia gave a sly smile.

‘Then why are you so concerned about the name ‘Aliya?’

‘No, nothing. It only sounded familiar. I told you I’ve got work tomorrow, and one of my clients bare that name, so I thought she was the one’

‘I see…’ she said sarcastically.

‘Your client has a beautiful name’. She added.

‘Yeah! The name is a beautiful one’ he added nodding his head and giving a forced smile.

‘Is there anything you’d like to tell me?’ She asked him carefully.

‘No, why? I have to go get a shower.’

‘What about the cup cakes and pizza?

I’ll have them later’ he replied walking away.

Tonia gave a mischievous smile. She picked up her phone and called Dammy again.

With so much excitement she said ‘You need to see the look on his face when I mentioned that name. He was off balance’

dropping each word carefully.

‘I told you the trick would work.

Now you have to get more details on how we can find Aliya.’

He wants to have his bath now, let me go give that a try; check his phones perharps.

‘Alright let me know if there is any success’.

‘Alright; I’ll call you.’

Tonia went upstairs to execute her plan of going through his phones; she has been getting important details from Sam the cook.

He was the one who told her about Aliya, after he overheard Smith and chucks talking about it. Sam himself has no sufficient information; he just knows that Smith is up to something, and that there is an Aliya looking for him.

They came up with the idea of mentioning her name, to get a reaction from Smith, which was successful.

He has three phones, going through all of them will require a lot of time and speed. When she got upstairs, Smith was still operating one of his phones.

He laid on the bed and crossed his legs. He didn’t look like he will move and inch anytime soon.

‘I thought you want to shower’ she asked, sounding disappointed.
‘Yea, I’ll do that now’ he said without looking at her, still on his phone. After a while, He left with the phone he was on, to the bath room.

She felt bad. But at least two of his phones were still lying on the bed. Tonia tiptoed to the bathroom door, to make sure he has started bathing. When she heard the shower tap on, she gently tiptoed back to the bed where the phones were lying. She looked around again like a new thief, to make sure she was safe. Her heart was beating fast, it was obvious that her pulse rate increased.

She picked the first one which was a Samsung but it had a password on it. She was clueless of what it could be.
Unknowingly for her, Smith knew she will be up to something, he opened the bathroom door gently and kept watching her.

She felt like a hero. Picking the second one; which was without a password, her hands were shaky because she was trying to be as fast as possible, Smith interrupted.

‘Looking for something on my phone?’ he asked from behind her, and it startled her; she dropped the phone on the tiles.
She was gripped with so much fear that she didn’t know what to say or do.

‘Yeah, no, I… I… I… just wanted to check the time. Yes, time!’ the confused woman stammared.

‘But that’s the time on the table, he said pointing at the table clock.’

‘Sorry, I didn’t pay attention’ she said with guilt written all over her face.

‘Alright, I wish you luck with whatever you’re trying to find’.

He gave a mysterious smile and returned to the bathroom.

She shamefully left the room. Seeing that she has failed in her first attempt, she went to the Balcony to think about what to do next.

Sitting there, she saw the gate man chasing a woman away from the building.

She called out to him to stop.

‘Who is she?’, she asked the gateman as soon as she got there.

‘I’ve been asking her, but she said nothing to me.

The woman looked weird and strange. She wore a mummy jean, and a striped oversized oxford shirt. She carried a small hand bag which look more like a purse. She tied a vandana around her head, and still used a black veil to cover her face.

‘Who are you? What do you want’ Tonia who was putting on an ash pyjamas asked.

The strange woman kept a blank face, she looked straight into Tonia’s eyes without blinking. Her wrinkled face said alot about suffering.

‘Jesus!’ frightened Tonia exclaimed

The strange woman laughed out loud, and it reveal her toothless mouth.

She started demonstrating something to with her hands to Tonia, but she couldn’t understand.
It looked like she was trying to tell Tonia that she is dumb.
The drama was still happening when Smith came out.

‘What is happening here?’ he enquired

Before Tonia could utter a word, he caught the glimpse of the woman.

‘Get out of here! He yelled at her, pushing her away.

‘Take her out! Her yelled at the gate man. The mysterious woman kept standing without any attempt to leave.

‘Send her out!!’ furious Smith barked.

Tonia surprised as to why Smith looked so angry, she tried getting in his way, when he mistakenly hit her, and she fell down flat.

‘Tonia! Baby!! Toni!! Wake up! He bent down to check his dear wife who was bleeding already.

The strange woman wrote something on the paper and place it on Tonia, as she walked away. “I am Aliya” it read.

Smith picked it and squeezed it and threw it away.

‘Get the car keys fast!’ he shouted at the gateman, and cold tears began to run down his cheeks.

Smith and his friends have been into the business of exploiting rich women. They get married to them legally, and take advantage of them. They have a boss who have a data base of rich single women, and assign his boys to them, giving them a time phrase to carry out the task. The boss has 75℅of the share of any money made, and Aliya was once the Victim of Smith. They have a daughter.

Sam hurriedly picked the squeezed paper, when he noticed that Smith’s attention was diverted.

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