Say Hi To Aliya - S01 E04

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After the phone call, Tonia decided to inform Smith about it. But to her greatest surprise, he has also been called by her father to come down to Abuja.

She stood by the dining table, close to Smith who was going through his phone.

‘So baby, how are we planning the journey tomorrow?’ she asked

‘We’ll take the first flight first thing tomorrow morning.
I have work to do though; you know tomorrow is Monday, but I will have to postpone it until we return.‘ He said, looking at her while he was still holding on to his phone.

‘That will work; I even have a delivery to make in Abuja, so I’ll just take it along. He didn‘t sound like it was something urgent, but he sounded serious.’

‘Babe, of course it must be something serious.’

Tonia smiled without giving a reply.

Smith stood up from the wooden dining chair, and held her hands.

‘Babe?’ he said with all shades of radiance on his furry face. His afro seems to make him glow even more.

Tonia, a little bit surprised smiled and replied.

‘Yes? How can I help you?’

Smith has a funny way of acting like a child sometimes.

‘Can you please make some vanilla cup cakes for us?’ he said giving a shy smile.

‘No; I have to help you watch your weight. Your weight is becoming a little bit alarming you know? She said looking deadpan, unlocking her fair hands from his grip.

Naughty Smith wanted to start acting like a heart broken woman, then she interrupted.

‘C’mon sweetheart, hold back the river. We will have vanilla cup cakes and homemade pizza.‘

‘yaeeeeaaee!’ he screamed like a naughty child.

She laughed at him and called out to Sam to get the ingredients ready.

Immediately she left for the kitchen, he got a phone call.

‘Smith you don’t have much time, why are you still acting slow?‘

The unknown person said

‘I know, but I’m trying my best‘

‘trying your best for over 5years?

Don‘t tell me you’re already becoming emotionally attached to that woman?

‘No! Come on! I’m just trying to make her feel comfortable with me, and calm her fears‘

‘I see, I just want to inform you that you have less than 6months to carry out this task, or we kill you!

‘Boss! It has not gotten to that. Give me a year at least.’

Before he could utter another word, the caller hung up.

All the excitement he had about cupcakes got lost. He quietly sat down and put his head on the dining table.

Tonia, seeing him that way, asked him what was wrong, but he told her nothing.

If he was to be given an award, he will be ”The most confused man of the year” He is beginning to fall in love with Tonia, which is against their rules

Confused smith couldn‘t shift from the spot he has been for the past 4hours.

The sweet exotic smell of vanilla saturated the atmosphere. Like diffusion, the pleasant smell went through every corner of the house. It is always so when Tonia takes charge of the kitchen.

‘Ta-da…’ Tonia interrupted his thought with a number of cupcakes on a flowery tray on her right hand, and pizza on another hand.

‘Don’t tell me you have been sleeping on this table, lazy ass‘ she teased him.

He smiled a bit and nodded his head to tell her ‘No’

‘Aiit, cupcakes, pizza and chilled pineapple drink is ready for Mr. Smith to devour’ she giggled gently and dropped them on the table.

Smith has lost his appetite for anything already, but he was sure Tonia will kill him if he tells her that.

‘Feed me’ he said reluctantly.

‘Are you serious right now?’

‘Pleasee…’ he pleaded like a child.

‘owk… Open your mouth’

Before he could have a bite, her phone rang, it was Dammy calling.

‘Take a bite quickly, let me take this call’

He had a brief bite and she pick her call.

‘Hey, Dammysweet, what’s up?‘

‘Babes, how have you been?’

‘I’ve been good‘

‘Okay, I want you to meet someone.

Say Hi to Aliya, before you meet her in person.

‘Aliya? Ow…kay? She said with alot of skeptism.

Smith doubled the size of his eyes; ‘Aliya! Which Aliya? Did I hear you correctly?’

“Shiiiiiii” Tonai said, indicating that he should be silent.

‘Let me hear her out first’ she added.

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