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While approaching the estate where Dammy stays, the serenity that accompanied the journey was divine.

It‘s a beautiful estate surrounded by a lot of palm trees. It seems so quiet, as people in the area are all minding their business. Except the dramatic gateman guarding Dammy’s flat, who is always eating puff puff or yam balls.

Strangely, the gate man was a dark, fat man, unlike so many gatemen around.

Tonia began to imagine how he could possibly go after a thief if in case one comes around.

Dammy, the dark, quiet women, with a wide open tooth, parked her black jeep under a mango tree in the flat.

They walked quietly towards the cream painted flat.

‘It’s well Tonia dear‘ she said while opening the door to the entrance of the flat.

‘Can I please get cold water?’

Tonia requested, as they pave their way to the sitting room, shifting the ash curtain which was serving as a hindrance.

The sitting room feels warm and collected. The ash curtain complimented the black couch. A moderate plasma TV playing a cartoon, made the feel much lovelier.

‘Awwwn look who is sleeping’ said Tonia who saw little Jimmy sleeping calmly on the couch.

Dammy who was heading towards the kitchen smiled after she heard that.

‘Oh Pretty little dolphin’ she continued, robbing the cute little boy on his chubby cheeks.

‘Here you go’ Dammy gave her a glass of water.

‘Is your hubby at home?’ Tonia enquired.

‘Nope, he went out just before I came to get you’

‘Oh gracious, I’m so sleepy‘ Tonia declared.

‘Let me take you to the room to get some’ Dammy offered

‘No… never mind, I’ll be fine here. I don‘t intend staying long; I just want to take a nap.

‘Aiit. Enjoy, let me quickly make dinner before Jimmy wakes up’

Tonia was fast asleep when Smith came. Dammy forgot to lock the door, her husband has always warned her. He grabbed her, and kept punching her tummy.

‘You’re a liar! You cheat! I can‘t let you have that bastard’

Tonia held on to her tummy, as she screams. ‘I won’t let you hurt my child! ‘Let go Smith!’

He kept punching her hard, ‘SMITH NO!’

Little Jimmy frightened by the scream, wailed from his sleep.

His mum was forced to rush out of the kitchen.

‘Tonia! What’s wrong?‘ she looked so frightened too.

‘I had a bad dream’ frightened Tonia said.

‘It’s okay. She managed to calm her down and headed towards Jimmy who will not stop crying.

‘I have to go now Dammy’

‘Wait a little, let me drop you’

‘No. Thanks. Just continue what you were doing, I’ll find my way.

‘Are you sure’ Dammy looked so scared and concerned.

‘Yes, I’m sure.‘

Just as she was about leaving, they heard a knock on the door, only to find Smith standing at it.

‘Smith’ Dammy said calmly.

‘Dammy… I know it’s been long‘ he said as he smiled a little.

‘Please come in’ she got out of the way so he could come in.

‘No, I just came to get my wife; I reasoned she’ll be here.’

‘Oh, yes there is she’ she pointed at Tonia who was heading toward the door when she heard Smith‘s name.

‘Babe, I’m so sorry about my stupid behavior. I shouldn‘t have reacted the way I did. I just thought we’ll need more time to build our careers, but I was totally wrong. Please forgive me.

Tonia found his action strange, but she still doesn‘t know what to do or believe.

‘It’s okay, let‘s get going’

He was also shocked by her quick acceptance of his apology.

He expected an argument at least, or perhaps, a little drama.

‘Tonia, please give me a minute.’

Dammy called out, pulling her a little bit away from him, who was standing like a helpless child.

‘just remember what I told you in the car, shift your focus from his action and try to find the cause of his action and deal with it instead. Stay safe. I’ll do my part too.

The two ladies hugged and Tonia left with him.

That night, Smith treated Tonia like the queen of the universe.

He had Sam made her favorite dish, he got her favorite songs and played them as she smile at every glance of her he took.

The bright and sunny morning came, White, fluffy clouds drifted across the sky. Tonia slightly closed her large eyes as she anticipates the cool breeze kissing her lovely face.
It felt like all she needed to run a perfect day.

She sat calmly at the balcony as she watched 3year old Jerry struggle with his red sagging pant with his left hand, and flaunt his kite with his right hand; as the wind helped him to lavish it generously in the sky. His mouth was plastered with dried custard. He ran from one pillar to post, the joy on his face was indeed very priceless.

She kept watching him, as she tries to imagine what her baby would look like. Last night, Smith suggested they check the sex of the baby, but she wanted to keep it as a surprise.

She watched Aunty Joy, Sam‘s wife; a beautiful brown skinned woman from Maiduguri, of average height and a little bit chubby, walk majestically towards her little boy. He tried to run away when he noticed she was approaching him. When she understood the little boy wanted playing the chase game, she ran after him with a little or no speed, and he seems to be happy making his mum chase him. She finally got hold of him, and he giggled like he won a lottery. She shone her white teeth on him, as she lifts him up and his red saggy pant was enlarged due to the effect of the windy morning. He giggled even more she as throws him in the air, knowing fully well that she won’t let him fall.

They allowed Sam and Joy live at the boys quarters, because the house was too large for just the two of them.

She could literary feel her mouth drying up, she left it open, at the mercy of the invisible wind. She kept smiling like an official fool as she watched them.

Lost to the strong grip of ecstasy, she remembered how she met Smith at the international airport, 5years ago. The relationship lasted for about a couple of months and finally the two love birds tied the knot. Just in the middle of her super feeling, her phone rang. It was her dad calling to see her urgently.

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