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‘So, I’ve heard your version of the story.’ Mrs. Bams, the marriage counselor said to Tonia.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, everything is highly confidential. Your story is safe with us; you can always count on us.

‘Thank you, ma.’

‘Please invite your husband in, when you leave.’

‘Alright, I’ll do just that.’ She left holding on to her blue designer bag, and a causal evening gown. She looked simple today, considering how much she loves fashion; she hardly comes out on casual wears.

Mrs. Bams is a famous marriage counselor. She always finds a way to help people’s marriages, except of course the ones bound to break.

She is one of the best in town when it comes to marriage counseling.

Her well furnished office clearly shows she has made a lot of money from it. From the classy furniture to a beautiful shelve of multi-purpose books, a black sofa by the left, a mini thermo-cool fridge and beautiful cream colored curtain blinds.
After Tonia excused herself, she invited Smith in, as agreed. He was wearing a sky blue oxford shirt and a blue jean as usual, with a medicated eye glass. He held on to a bunch of keys, an iphone and two extra android phones. He has been a fan of big phones.

The coolness of the office met him halfway as he entered.

‘Please do have a seat’ the dark, fat boss pointed to a black cozy seat, right in front of her.

He kept his phones and keys on her table, as soon as he sat down, and stretched his fingers a little.

His hands needed some fresh air perhaps.

‘Yes… I am MRS. Bami…..’

‘Bamidele Willians!’ he interrupted.

Her uneasiness was quiet obvious. Of course because Smith wasn’t wearing a friendlily face.

‘Yeah!’ ‘right!’ She gave him a quizzical look, and continued.

‘You’re welcome once again. Let’s get started.

Everything you’ll say here is highly…’

‘Highly confidential! Yes I’m aware of that ma’am.’

He interrupted her again, demonstrating with his hands; as if he was an usher in the church.

She paused a bit, to at least wonder the type of man she’s dealing with.

After giving him a long blank look, she continued.

‘It seems you know everything MR. Smith’ she adjusted her sit a bit after saying that.

He gave a mischievous smile, and positioned himself for her next statement.

‘I’ve heard from your wife, can you please share your own part of the story; how long have you been married to her?’

‘Ummm… my part of the story?’

He nodded carefully, and played a little with the bunch of keys he kept on the table.

‘Mr. Smith?’

‘Yes. This is my part of the story; stop filling my wife with lies.
I came all the way to tell you this.

‘Mrs. Bams gave a huge sigh and nodded her round head that was covered with a short Brazilian hair wig, gently, with a withering look.

He got up, picked his bunch of keys and phones and left her office.

‘This is incredible’ she said almost in a whisper.

Tonia, who has been seating at the reception waiting for her husband, got up immediately she saw him coming out of the office.

With a wanly look, and curiosity. She was surprised to see him coming out so fast.

‘You’re so fast, how did it go?’

‘Yeah, I was fast because life is so fast, I think fast, I act fast; so permit me to go catch some sleep, I have a lot of work to do’

he threw those words to her face in front of the weird receptionist, who was dressed like the goddess of colors, who had a glazed look on her face.

‘I’m sure you know your way home’ he added as he walked away limping.

Tonia, confused about what was happening, decided to check back at the office to enquire of MRS. Bams what actually transpired.

‘Your husband is one hard nut to crack. He was acting so weird in here.’ She explained, demonstrating every word with her fat hands.

I think you need to get some spiritual assistance, more like a supernatural touch’. She added sarcastically.

Tonia left her office not knowing what to say or do. But she was sure to call Dammy, her bestie for 9years, she pleaded with Dammy to come pick her up, because Smith left her stranded.

When he returned home, he eat the coconut rice prepared by Sam; their cook.

He took off his oxford shirt after eating, and was relaxing in the room, enjoying the presence of the cool A\C and a chilled pineapple drink, while watching a program on Silverbird Television.

After a while, Chucks his old time friend gave him a surprise visit.

The 42 old man was wearing a carton color chinox trouser, a black shirt and a leather sandal.

He had his afro hair kept like that of Smith only that, he dyed his own to coffee brown color, and made a dada out of it. His fair Igbo skin announced him, that’s why most of his friends call him ‘yellow’.

He has a black mole just beside his nose, a little above his upper lips.

His latest undercut said a lot about his swag. Unlike smith, he has been keeping to his diet, and maintaining a lovely stature.

’Guy, how far na’ the two dudes shook their hands and gave each other a warm side hug.

It was like the latest shock of the century.

‘You really managed to surprise me, foolish man’ Smith said giving a wide grin.

‘How I go do now? Yeye man’ they both laughed out loud, as Smith took his shirt lying on the sofa away, for chucks to seat.

‘I just had to come over after you mentioned over the phone that Tonia is pregnant.
How did that even happen?’
He said, as he made himself comfortable on the brown sofa, gulping all the remaining pineapple juice Smith was having.

‘I don’t even know. Guy I’m so confused. Shebi you know you’re not serious? How will you finish my drink na? He said looking deadpan.

‘Abeg comot jare’ they laughed hard again.

‘Where is she?’ chucks asked pointing at the huge wedding frame.

‘I left her in an office in Lekki, she’ll be back anytime from now.’

‘Bad guy!’ they laughed again.

‘But guy, you messed up telling her to abort that pregnancy. You messed up big time…’

‘But I can’t bear raising another man’s child. Remember the doctor declared me infertile after that accident.’

‘But she doesn’t know about it now. Plus how you overreacted will only make her suspicious’.
‘But it only means she has been having an affair’

‘Who cares? Don’t tell me you’re getting attached to her already? Remember the rules bro. Chop money, clean mouth.’

‘Attached? Guy no now, no way’.

He denied with no expression on his face.

He picked up the DSTV remote, and changed the channel; from Silver bird, to Channels Televison.

‘But guy, what if the doctor was mistaken about the result?
Have you tried seeing another doctor after that? Chucks tried to make him see.

‘And guy, come to think of it; it will only make things easier for you. You have less than a year. If the child isn’t yours, you get to file for divorce, as a result of her infidelity. You get to take more than half of her money, after that, you find your heartthrob.’

‘That’s what I don’t want. This child will only shorten my ration. Can’t you see? If she gives birth to a boy, it automatically means that they now have an heir; meaning, her daddy makes the will in the child’s name. And if she remains childless, the will be signed in my name, because her father believes only a male will be able to handle the wealth more appropriately’.

‘Mad man like you?’ Chucks teased

‘You’re not serious, chucks. And I don’t have much time, Aliya has been looking for me.

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