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* my phone started to ring, i checked it and it was my mum, so i pick up *

Me: hello mum.

Mum: hello chigbogu where are you?

Me: am in my friend’s house. * i can feel from her voice that something wrong had happened*

Mum: please you have to hurry back home now…

Me: mum i hope all is well?

Mum: all is not well ooo… Please come fast.

*** hanged up, the background of the place she was when she called me was too noisy to i told Mrs sharp sharp that i have to go,that my mother called me and told me to rush home that all is not well.
She asked me what the problem could be and i told her that i don’t knw. She said i should let her knw when i get home.

I left her house that evening and rushed home.
When i got to our compound,all our neighbours had gathered in our house. What is happening naw??? Why is everybody in our compound? Without wasting time, i rushed inside our parlour and saw three men that held my father. I was suprised and i asked what the problem is?

But none of them answered me. I bend down and touched my father and his body was as cold as an ice block,i touched his chest and he is still breathing, I was irritated, can someone tell me what is going on here? Soon my mum entered the parlour with tears in her eyes. I held her and asked her what happened to him?

She told me that they have strike him with stroke. What!!! Stroke!!! Tears rolled from my eyes as i sat on the floor. I wanted to cry out but i remembered that if i do,my mother might kill herself so i comforted myself. My senior brother was not around so i was the one that took his responsibilities as the head of the family. We couldn’t take him to hospital that night bcos it was so far whereas
we can’t see any vehicle that will convey him there. In the midnight,some of our neighbours that came to help left and few was in our house till the next morning. Around 5:30am, i dashed out of the house to find vehicle that we will use to convey him to the hospital,
unfortunately i found one driver and we concluded with the prize. We drove to our house,some guys helped me to move my father to the vehicle and some of our neighbour followed us and we drove off to the hospital. We carried him to the upstairs,
we called doctor and he came immediately with his equipments for checking patient.

He checked him and wrote down something on the paper he came with. After he was through,he gave him dripp and told my mum and i to come with him in his office and we followed him.

When we got to his office,he told us to sit down and we sat. ***

Doctor: * he points at my mum * i hope your are the wife of the man.

My mum: yes i am…

Doctor: how did it happened?

My mum: yesterday,we ate together in the morning and after that,we went to farm but he came back early with his son here she points at me

Doctor: ok…

My mum: i couldn’t return home early that day bcos i was supervising some workers that are working for us.

When i returned from the farm,i
Saw our neighbours gathered around him, when i asked them what is happening and they told me that he fall in our parlour only been discovered by my last child. So doctor that is it..

Doctor: so sorry about that,
as you can see,he is suffering from stroke and only God can help him to survive but we will try our possible best.

Me: so doctor what are you trying to say? Do you say he will not survive it?

Doctor: i haven’t say so my dear, just calm down your dad will be ok.

Me: so doctor wouldnt you commence treatment on him naw?

Doctor: you knw he is weak so he need to be strong so that any treatment that will be given to him will work.

So if we commence treatment on him,it will be a waste of money and drugs.

My mum:thank you doctor.

Doctor: you are welcome.

*** we left his office to where my dad was admitted.
One week later,no improvement so doctor told us to take him home that we should not take him to any other hospital.
We did as doctor told us,after one week he died. I can never forget that day he died,
it was on first September the same year i finished my secondary school.


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