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*** i went to Mrs sharp sharp office and sat down. I was so angry and
confuse, she noticed it ***

Mrs: why are you angry??

Me: please i want you to help that poor girl.

Mrs: who is that?

Me: * i stood up from the chair and moved closer to her * is princess,she is not feeling fine since morning and if she continue to stay in that sun, she will collapse in that field. Please save that poor innocent girl.

Mrs: what did you want me to do naw???

Me: please tell the principal to free her…

Mrs: i don’t think that will be possible.

Me: please i knw it is. Help that poor girl.

Mrs: am beginning to suspect both of you bcos the way you are taking it so personal is something else. Is she the only person lying in that field?

Me: her own case is different bcos she is not feeling well.
*** i started pleading with her till she finally agreed and went out…

After for some minutes, she came in and told me that she has pleaded with the principal and he had released her.
I thanked her for that. We started gisting and laughing as if she was my mate.

After our discussion,i left her office,
when i came out hoping that principal has release our classmates but they are still lying on the field and then school has already dismissed.
I went to our classroom and picked some of my text book and left. I searched for princess but she was nowhere to be found,
i went home….

When i got to the house,
my door was opened and i started wondering who could be inside my room.

And how did the person got the key to my house. I was scared to enter my room. I stood at my door step for more than 5mins before i borrowed courage and entered. When i opened the curtain behold!! it was princess and she was sleeping. I threw my eyes on her head down to her toe. Where did she got the key to my house?

I checked my pocket to knw if my keys are intact but i couldn’t find it..

When did she took my keys away?

I decided not to wake her up and i pulled my school uniform off my body and went
to the bathroom and took my bath. When i returned to the room, she was still sleep and i went out and bought fish that i will use to cook soup. I entered the kitchen and prepared the soup.

It was around 7pm when i finish cooking and she was still sleeping.

Wetin be dis girl plan now? She dey here dey sleep for over 4 hours naw without noticing my present. So if na thief wey enter my room, he go thief all my property comot.

Chai! Dis girl you be fox oooo….
Who knws whether she still dey alive, i tapped her and she woke up. ***

princess: igwe are you back?

Me: yes..

Princess: where did you went to?

Me: did you look for me??

Princess:yes…. when the principal released me, i searched for you around the school premises but i couldn’t see you…

Me: could you imagine that after he released me,
he still call me to his office and knee me down.

Princess: knee you down? That man is crazy. What is his reason for doing that?

Me: * chai!! Igwe na you lie pass for dis world oooo…. * he Said that i was involve in the plan.

Infact that all our class are involve.

Princess: the man is crazy oooo….

Me: please go to the kitchen and dish your own food and eat so that you can go.

Princess: i will sleep over,am not going today.

Me: remember that your mum will be looking for you…

Princess: my mum is not at home, she went to visit my dad in delta.

Me: go and bath and lets eat am very hungry.

*** she asked me for wrapper and i gave her,
she unclad herself and unhooked her bra and left only pant.

My dickson notified me but i ignored her nakedness and threw my face one side…… She tied the wrapper on her body and evacuate to the bathroom.
My mind was beating bcos am scared to f--k her again.
Wetin i go do to be safe from dis temptation?

Ever since i f----d her,she has been sleeping from one place to another and i don’t understand her again. Could she be pregnant or what bcos i remembered vividly that i had an unprotected sex with her.
Soon she came in, after her body was dried,she served food and we ate together. After eating we study together before we went to bed.
That night was so tough for me bcos my dickson was erected throughout and that made me sleepless and restless. She was showing me green light but i keep on doing as if am not interested but am burning inside.

Finally God later saved me and my dickson bow down and i slept off. we woke up early in the morning and prepared to school.

Some weeks later,Mrs sharp sharp called me,
when i came,she told me that she want to knw where i live.
I took her to my house and we entered inside my room.
I was feeling uncomfortable bcos princess might come.
She started to admire my room, so one thing lead to other i got myself on the bed with Mrs sharp sharp.

As we were kissing,my phone started ringing, i freed myself from her and checked,it was princess calling..

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