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Me: * what kind of question is this naw??? * where did you see us?

Mrs: where did you go with her?

Me: we went to my house.

Mrs: to your house?

Me: yes….

Mrs: you mean she followed

you to your father’s house?

Me: am no more living with them, i have relocated near the school.

Mrs: hmmm….. and you didn’t even inform me…

Me: am sorry,it was in my mind to tell you but i forgot. Please am sorry.

Mrs: is ok… Why did she followed you to your house?

Me: she told me that she was hungry and i took her to my house for her to eat.

Mrs: and after eating?

Me: we came back to school.

Mrs: how can you take her to your house during study time? Don’t ever do such a thing again or i will report you to your parent.

Who knws what both of you did there bcos i knw that you are lieing.

Me: * looked at her * that am lieing?

Let me go and call her so that you will confirm from her also. * i stood up and makes to move *

Mrs: please come back. i came back

Me: let me go and call her since you don’t believe me…

Mrs: no problem,i do believe you is just that,
am little jeolous.

Me: jeolous about what?

Mrs: about you…

Me: you don’t have to bcos we don’t have anything in common. As i have explain to you that
she is just my classmates and there is nothing that is going between us.

Mrs: owk… You can now go back to your class and don’t take anyone to your house during school hour.

Me: ohk… So how are you today?

Mrs: as you can see,

am bouncing.

Me: is quit obvious my dear.

Ok lemme go back to the class.

Mrs: ok but please you have to see me before you go..

Me: *** i stood up and
kissed her..*** No problem,i will come

*** i opened the door and went to the class.

When i got to the class princess was sleeping on her desk. I tapped her and she woke up ***

Me: why are you sleeping in the class?

Princess: * she drow her chair closer to me and laid her head on my shoulder with her hand crossed on my waist. Some of our students were starring at us * am tired.

Me: * shuu na bcos i f--k you ni? sorry dear ** Matthew was looking at us as if
he has gun, he would have shot us ***

Princess: why is Mrs sharp sharp calling you?

Me: there is some of the books i marked for her that i made some mistakes and she called me to come and correct it..

Princess: can’t she do it by herself ?

Me: that was the question i asked myself when she told me that.

Why is it that there is no teacher in our class ?

Princess: have you forgotten how our class normally disrespect teachers. But this one, it will affect everybody bcos she reported us to the principal.

Me: chai!!! Our own don finish naw.

*** as we were discussing and copper Isaac entered our class and saw us with the position we are.

He ordered both of us to come out and go and wait for him in his office.

I was very angry,how can he say such a thing in front of our classmates.

I wanted to do stubborn by refusing to go to his office, but i just said lemme obey his instructions.

I went out with With princess to his office. When we got to his office,

it was unlock so we opened it and sat down with one chair bcos princess sited on my laps.
After like 30mins,copper Isaac entered and saw the way we are ***

Isaac: what is going on here??? Why sitting in this position in my office?

* princess stood up so slowly and i also stood up *

Me: we are sorry sir.

Isaac : igwe and princess what hell is going between both of you guys?

Me: what do you mean sir?

Isaac: where do you guys think you are? In your father’s parlour or in the bedroom ??? Any day i see both of you with the position you are when i entered your class,

i will inform the principal. Do i make myself clear?

Me: yes sir.

Isaac: igwe you can now go,princess wait,there was a bad report that was brought against you.

Princess: and what is it all about?

Isaac: igwe am through with you,go she will be back soon.

Princess: you have to say anything you want to say in his present bcos he is not going anywhere
without me…

Isaac: is he now your thug that he can’t go and wait for you outside?

Princess: call it anything you want,i don’t care.

*** i opened the door and moved out and princess followed me.

After lesson that day, i went to Mrs sharp sharp office as she told me to see her before i go,and she has went home and i left ..

Two days later as we were inside our class one afternoon and our principal entered our class and took one of our sandals as a punishment for disobeying our teacher. He also took all of us to the field and told us to lie down. We did as he ordered,soon Mrs sharp sharp came to our principal and told him that i wasnt in the class when they insulted our teacher and told him to free me. Our principal called me and told me to go.

* chai!!! How can i left princess suffering on this sun? What will i do to get her out? Wahala don show *

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