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*** One week after i relocated to my new apartment.

Everything was going normal as i expected.

I came to school one morning,
after morning assemble, i settled down on my desk,
soon princess arrived to school and sat down on her desk ***

Princess : igwe how was your nite?

Me: fine and yours?

Princess: fine.. I haven’t seen your new apartment and you don’t even bother to show me.
Me: am sorry my dear,
maybe tommorow when you will have chance,we will go
for you to see it.

Princess: why not now?

Me: we can’t go now bcos very soon
teacher will enter our class.

Princess: is obvious there is no teacher coming,
so lets go and come back fast
whereas am hungry,
i hope you left some food at home?
Me: yes,i cooked jellof rice yesterday nite.
Since you said you are hungry lets go..

*** we left the school ,
when we got to my house,i ushered her in..

She went straight to my cupboard and broughtout the pot of rice and dish out food.

As she was eating,i went outside and
bought a chilled fanta for her…***
princess: waoh! Thank you so much.

Me: who else will i do it for?
today is your first time of coming to my new apartment.
Princess: my dear you don’t have to say my house but
our house.

Me: yes baby is our house..
Princess:this place is so good and i
like the nature of this room.
Me: how is the nature of this room naw???
Princess: it has a big space and
secondly, there is much ventilation.

Me: ok oooo….
*** when she finished eating,
she washed the plate and put it where it was kept before.
She came closer to where
i laid down and laid beside me…
I was with my school trouser and singlet and the hair on my chest was showing,
she was touching it as we were discussing.

Soon that her touch start to turn me on,
i started having sexual urge as my dickson was bugging. ***
Me: what is the greatest thing that have ever happened to you?
Princess: why do you ask?
Me: *** my erected dickson was notifying me by nodding
telling me to act like a man *** nothin, i just feel like to ask you…
Princess: sex that i had with you. *** she used pillow to cover her face, feeling shy.
I rose her face and she closed her eyes and was smiling ***
Me: did you enjoyed it that day?
she couldn’t talk *
common baby, are you feeling shy???

Princess: yessss
Me: look at you,at this your age, shame still dey catch you…
No be your mate wey don born
like 10 children for their husband.
she started laughing stupidly * why are you laughing naw???
Princess: you always amuse me…

Me: baby you knw that day
we didn’t enjoy ourselves well.
Princess: and what are you trying to say play boy???
Me: i want us to continue from where we stopped.
Princess: *
she look at me from head to toe smiling *
Me: why are you looking at me like that? *
i tapped her so romantically *
Princess: what are you waiting for,
am all yours so go ahead and do whatever you want to do.
*** chai!!! My head com swell like zuma rock.
Wetin i dey wait for finally dey for my domot.
I couldn’t waste any time to unclad myself and freed my second controller(dickson),
but before then,i locked my door.

I laid beside her and was facing her.
I told her to pull her cloth off but she said that
i should do it by myself,
who am i to reject it?
I pulled her upper cloth and removed her skirt gently and romantically.
Without wasting time i removed her bra and her
underwears. But guys girls dey try ooo,
they go wear pant, com wear thight join and then wear skirt or trousers ontop.

After i unclad her,i didn’t hesitate to insert my
dickson inside her and she moaned and i groaned.
Princess was so tight,
i started banging her and
she was giving me all kind of
ringing tone.
I was carried away by the sweetness of the sex when i want to c-m and poured
all of c-m inside her,
she was asking for more as
i was filling her p—sy with my c-m.

After the sex,we took our bath separate to avoid suspect from my
neighbours. We rest for a while before we went back to school. When we got to school,
i was told that Mrs sharp Sharp has been looking for me.

And they told me that,
Mrs sharp sharp said that they should call me whenever
i come back.

I went to her office,when i entered and greeted her,
she frowned her face.
Wetin happen naw???

E be like say she see us oooo….
I greet her the second time ***

Mrs:where did you went to with princess?

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