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***I looked at my father’s face and i saw an expression of anger in his face.

Princess greeted him and his response was low.

I greeted him and he responded with his normal voice. ***

My dad: how are you doing?

Me: daddy am getting better. How was your day?

My dad: splendid my dear…. Who is this girl? *
he points at princess *

Me: daddy her name is princess,

she was the one that rescued me when those cult boys attacked me…

She was the one that took me to a nearby chemist store for treatment and paid for the bill.

My dad: *
he turned to princess * my dear,how are you?

Princess: am fine sir.

My dad: thank you so much my dear for saving
his life,

God will reward you abundantly.

Princess: amen! thank you sir.

My dad: so my dear,how much do you paid for the

Princess: daddy,you don’t have to bother yourself about that…..

My dad: my dear no naw,you knw that you are still
a student.

Princess: daddy am not complaining.

My dad: my dear thank you so much.

So where are you from?

Princess: am from Nsukka.(Nsukka is in Enugu state ) but i reside in oji-river with my parent.

My dad: owk… So what do your father do for a living?

Princess: he is a civil servant in delta state so he is not often at home…

My dad: so good. What about your mother?

Princess: she is a petty trader.

My dad: that’s nice. You are highly welcome to our house,
feel free to come at anytime and any day,
you are now member of our family..

Princess: thank you sir.

My dad: you are welcome my daughter.

Eeeehm……..chukwugekwu *
as he normally called me * where is your mother?

Me: she left in the morning and i haven’t seen her since then.

My dad: ok…
*** he left,
we continue with our discussion as am eating
the food she brought for me…
After i finished with the food,she took the plate outside and washed it..

When she came back,she told me that she want to go and i thanked her
with a kiss and she left.

Throughout the nite,i couldn’t sleep bcos,
i was thinking of what to do about company bcos i knw he must retaliate is either by killing or
fracturing me . The problem is that our wassce exam is fast Approaching so i can’t withdraw from school.
What will i do? God please help me so that
i can conquer this war.

The next morning,i prepared to school,

when i got to school,we did our morning assemble before we go back to our various classes.
Around 10am,
company arrived at school and entered our class.

His mindset was where i am bcos of the way he was looking at me.

So many thought were running through my mind that nite,
should i go home before school dismiss or
stay and face the outcome of my action.

But he is going to use boys to attack me and they must surely wound or kill me…

Man only die or live once,i can never surrender to them,
life is all about risk,take it and die or live.

Company! am ready for you and who so ever that will
stand by your side……

After those words of encouragement i gave to myself,
i looked through the window and saw those boys that i fought with,
with another two guys that came with them and they worn our school uniform while they are not a member of our school.

They worn our school uniform so that our
gateman can allow them in..
My heart skipped,chai i don die today ooo.

Well it will be better if i die fighting for my right.

My staying in that class that day was just a waste bcos i didn’t learnt anything and secondly my mind wasn’t in the class,
i was just thinking on how to fight company and his boys.
Princess noticed that am worried and she was asking me what the problem is
but i couldn’t utter any word to her.

I drow her closer to myself and whispered to her ear***

Me:please princess you have to go naw before the school dismiss.

Princess: why?

Me: those boys i fought with is in our school now…

Princess: how do they manage to enter our school compound without our school uniform?

Me:please you have to go now and stop asking me questions.

Princess: what about you?

Me: i will fine my way out…
*** as we were still planning on how to escape,
one of my classmate rushed in and told me that Mrs sharp sharp is calling me in her office.
I didn’t even talk to him ***

Me:please princess you have to go to avoid had i know.

Princess: i knw that you wouldn’t go if i went home,
you want to fight them right?

Me: nooooo…. Am not fighting anybody.

Princess: we will go out of the school together…

Me:please just go before something bad happen to you…
Princess:then it shall be both of us.

*** as i was pleading with her to go,
and our dismissal bell were ranged***

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