Is Love A Crime - S02 E17

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JOHN: Bobo, what’s up is it because of what happened in the classroom today, bro chill it’s nothing beside I got your back for you, so no matter what happen I won’t let you bear the shame alone

KINGSLEY: Thanks for rescuing me today, you are the best brother ever lived

JOHN: Don’t mention what are friends for, but why were you shy to kiss Angela, you are not a shy type

KINGSLEY: Nothing really bro, I don’t just know how to go about with it

JOHN: (Laughs) Man like you de fear, Kingsley you don disgrace me chai, I no believe Say na you de talk this kind thing

KINGSLEY: You no go understand bro
During Night Prep, Angela stood from her desk and went to meet Kingsley who was busy drawing on his notebook

ANGELA; Kingsley what transpired between you and my bestie today in the classroom, while I was in the classroom

KINGSLEY: Like seriously, Kingsley my real name, no dear no honey not even sweetheart, my real name, chi I don suffer

ANGELA: Stop the joke and give me an answer to my question

KINGSLEY: Sweetheart, I don’t understand what you are saying, what do you mean by transpired

ANGELA: Do you kiss my bestie yes or no
John heard the question so he quickly ran to where Kingsley was discussing with Angela
JOHN: Least I forgot I wanted to ask you the same question, do you by any means kiss my Bae
Kingsley was motionless and Speechless, as different thoughts were running through his mind

ANGELA: Why are you speechless I think he is talking to you

Kingsley knew the cat was out of the bag, so he quickly applied sense and acted as if he was angry, he started yelling at them.

KINGSLEY: What kind of stupid question are the both of you asking, are you going crazy or what, how will ask me if I kiss your Bae Cecilia, bro you must be very stupid for asking me such a question
Fear gripped Angela immediately Kingsley yelled at them, she has never seen Kingsley display such magnitude of Anger before, but on the other side John was not move by his attitude a single bit

JOHN: This on you are shouting like a mad man, it won’t help anything, just answer the question do you kiss her, Yes or No.

From nowhere someone shouted “Yes he kissed her and we all are eye witnesses”, all eyes quickly turned to the person directions, behold it was Praise, standing and staring at all of them.

Kingsley quickly ran to where Praise was standing and sent a blow to his jaw, this got Praise furious as he retaliated and they started fighting, John quickly ran to separate the both of them while Angela was just standing and watching them.

All of a sudden, SS 3 boys dashed into the prep hall and separated the fight, as they walked them back to their dormintory for punishment, Angela was still standing watching at them when the Slay Mamas girls burst into the prep hall. They were instant silence amongst the girls as Angela became scared.

MAMA G: I thought we warned you never to step on our toes but you never adhere to our warnings

ANGELA: (Stammering) Yes….. Ma

LADY P: It’s quite unfortunate that you have woken the sleeping Lion, when you are done report yourself our dormintory, and don’t forget that tomorrow is our last paper, so anything is permitted to happen.

They all walked out of the prep hall leaving Angela behind who was terribly shaking

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