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Veronica swiped away the tears staining her cheeks with the back of her palm, she got up and walked to the window staring outside. I swallowed as I looked at her back and swept my eyes on the contents that is on the table.

The witch even snapped enough photos with her pikin, and she even attached medical reports proving that am the biological father, so the impotent General no lie after all. But I still confuse wetin she wan gain from all these madness.

Veronica: is it true?

for my life yes never hard like this y… Y..es, but I can explain.

Veronica turned and looked at me, she shook her head and walked towards me, she embraced me and my heart jumped. Hope someone no go poison me oh!

Veronica: you don’t need to.

Me: you mean am?

I shifted her from my warmth embrace and placed my two hands on her shoulders, looked searchingly into her eyes to see any trace of, no trust this babe oh!

Me: lemme tell you who she is.

Veronica: are you sure?

Me: yes, sit down.

We both sat on the bed and I cleared my throat, to give her the best version of the story.
I narrated how I met Aisha and I garnished it with some lies, I told her that Aisha came to my shop for partnership. She later drugged me when we were alone in my office, I woke up to find myself tempered down there.

Me: I threatened to report the matter to police, the woman lie go give her husband say I rape her. The man no even ask as na General na, I be just common landlord. Them drag me like goat go barrack then give me corporal punishment that I will never forget in my entire life, you fit ask Ugochukwu.

Veronica: sorry.
she hug me

we disengage em no matter, am not leaving you for any baby mama.

Veronica: I love you
she lean for a kiss

I capture her lips, we end the kiss after awhile dey cry everyday..

Veronica: why?

Me: so that I go dey get steady kiss.

Veronica: you no serious.

Me: I serious oh!

She got up and adjusted her dress, this kind make up suppose end for bed. Why this girl come stand up na.

Me: stay small na, this travel sef.

Veronica: I go call you
she peck me
Grabbed her hand bag and left, na so this woman for spoil my sweet relationship.

I picked up my phone and called Anderson.

Me: where you dey?

Anderson’s voice: I dey office.

Me: which day you get job?

Anderson’s voice: Bet9ja office.

Me: na now you come, rush come yard now now.

Anderson’s voice: I dey.. No give Man U two goals oh, na you go score am?

Me: come now now oh!

Anderson’s voice: ehnn.. I dey on my way, never print am ..
I ended the call before I will be the reason someone’s copy didn’t win.

I tossed my phone on the bed and lie down, my phone rang and it was call from Ugochukwu. I picked the call.

Me: how far na?

Ugochukwu: where you dey?

Me: I dey for yard.

Ugochukwu: o boy I don see gobe oh!

Me: wetin happen?

Ugochukwu: I go tell you when you show up.

Me: I go come that side for Evening, I wan first go see Aisha after now.

Ugochukwu: you and this your modern Eve, I no go follow you oh!

Me: no shakings, na only woman she be and her bulldog don die.

Ugochukwu: only woman? She no fall into that category oh! she dey for the category wey them say fear women and live long.

Me: I dey go see my pikin.

Ugochukwu: waaooohh!! daddy Victor.

Me: yes, son.

Ugochukwu: may you go see your pikin and come back in peace.

Me: amen.

Ugochukwu: later na.

He hung up and I quickly dialed Aisha’s number, she picked quickly so the witch dey even expect my call.

Aisha’s voice: this one you call, hope am safe.

You are not safe at all, expect nuclear bomb to be lunched at your house.

Me: maybe, I wan see you.

Aisha’s voice: come to my house.

Me: why?

Aisha’s voice: I will send you the address.

She hung up not giving me chance to protest, after some minutes my phone beeped a message appeared. The witch address, and she even live for GRA oh! she get levels, the door opened and Anderson jumped in like okoro.

Anderson: honourable talk and do, I don show.

Me: you go help me do something.

Anderson: anything for Honourable talk and do, I go do am. Just mention.

Me: you go help me hire one dyna.

Anderson: chiaa! you don scatter my head, so how many cow you wan buy?

Me: you be cow?

Anderson: how?

Me: because na you go enter there.

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