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had countless nightmares were my Granny
warned me to stay away from ‘kulikuli’
with long koboko during the early festive
of that year, I avoided Okoye and Samuel
like say them be plague. Samuel was
still looking for a way to shift my pant,
we almost do am one day while I was
having a walk in the garden, until I felt
like I saw my Granny ghost with long koboko
staring at us, nobody warned me to wear
my p-ant back to my waist and ran as
fast as my tiny legs could allow me inside
the house far-away from Samuel’s sweet
kulikuli. As we returned back to our apartment
in the Estate after the new year Festival,
Papa informed me that we are going to
bury Granny that year June, I was heart-broken
because my conscience pricked me whenever
Granny comes to my mind. Ben came
begging for Grace to take him back as
her boyfriend, Grace spanked her yansh
and made it clear that according to her
statement “you see this yansh, you no
go ever use your tiny p---k chop am again”.

The urge for se-x came strongly after I
experienced my period that Month, Granny
appeared again in my dream.

Granny: Gift, na you kill me!

Me: I cry out no! Mama, you know I love you, no vex.

Granny: no chop kulikuli again.

Me: but Mama, I like kulikuli.

Granny: keep quiet! Kulikuli go destroy you.

Me: but Mama kulikuli sweet well well.

Granny: shut up! mumu girl.

started flogging me the koboko she held,
I screamed and woke up sweating profusely.
I was petrified that I have angered my
Granny’s spirit, the woman no wan just
leave me hand to rest. School resumed
and I focused more on my studies, but
I made new friend called Lucy after I learnt
the shocking truth that Hannah and Choima
have left my school after their secret of HIV
was leaked to a mixed school, I just pitied
those boys there. Lucy was all over me
guarding me like am a precious gem, hope
say she no be lesbo sha… I can never
prefer fingers and rubbing body to sweet
kulikuli. I started attending Church but
Grace no gree go, she don even get new
boyfriend or na man friend? The man
ehnn.. sabi fu-ck I swear, I have caught
her moa-ning one day like that when I
returned from school, I was the Church
golden girl in the Youth department.

Pastor: make all of ona be like Gift, she nodey fail to come Church and she dey even come before our deacons, praise thou Lord.

Congregation: amen!

Pastor: I wish say she be my daughter, she dey dedicated to things of God.

Congregation: hallelujah.

Pastor: our children ona dey hear, make ona give ona life to Christ oh.

Congregation: yes oh!

had a male friend Ezekiel, he lived in Estate
with me and we went to the same Church.

So he always escorted me home, and
anytime he came to see me Grace will
tease me that my ‘baggy boyfriend is here
oh!’, that Classical trouser that Ezekiel
always wore around Estate and Church,
that trouser can flag like Nigeria set flag
when wind dey blow. Lucy invited me
over to her house one Saturday like telling
me she is lonely, I come go naso the girl
dey ask me if I love her. Truly, I loved
her as a friend and sister but when she
locked her lips with me and started kissing
me like a demented woman, no body give
me signal to tuwama back to house, say
no to lesbo.


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