Endless Tears - S02 E29

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Lisa came out from the taxi after seeing Alex stepping out angrily,she looked at the building with curiosity. she brought out her digital camera from her bag she had taking Alex numerous pictures already, Alex came out of that building really angry and something told her that someone inside that building caused it. she turned to the taxi driver , wait for me. and then walked towards the building.

Amara was so nervous that she felt it inside her stomach, she completely avoided looking at maxwell, she couldn’t say what stupidity had gotten into her for her to behave that way. she had completely used him and he had no choice than to play along with her, she couldn’t just imagine what disaster it would have been if she had been exposed by her lies, but instead he covered up for her, thou she had felt his tension when she put her hands on him, and I kissed him, she felt faint from the thought and she avoided his gaze, the surprising thing is that she had felt nothing and she started playing with her fingers nervously.

I think I need an explanation of what u just did, he said with a raised voice, making her lifting her face instantly.

I am sorry, I should never have done what I just did I acted without thinking,am sorry.

you used me to get him jealous.

No” I just wanted him to leave me in peace and the thought of him seeing me with someone , he might just. she explained to him.

you love him? he asked.

Amara smiled, I rather love the devil, no she said and the thought of loving him created a bitter taste in her mouth.

Maxwell might have seen the truth in her eyes because she saw his shoulders drop, Amara looked at him with hopefully eyes, am sorry am I forgiven? I swear it wasn’t my intention to use you, am so stupid I saw you I acted without thinking.

max smiled, well I will forgive u on one condition, Amara went still wondering what he might want, I do believe I came to take u out on a dinner date he said smiling, that is if the visit of that unwanted pest haven’t spoil ur mood.

Amara flushed with embarrassment. maxwell ached his brow waiting for her answer. alright am sure I owe you more than my stupidity she said as she shut down her system taking her bag.

maxwell laughed, right now I am glad you used me.

Lisa stayed outside Ara p, somewhere hidden as she took the picture of every woman coming out of there, she knew only a woman can get Alex so annoyed so she didn’t waste her time snapping expect the once took handsome to leave, she had wanted to enter but changed her mind , she she took the picture of a couple coming out of the building her mouth dropped opened seeing the handsome man smiling brightly at his partner
she total ignored the partner she she continued snapping the man, he was indeed a beautiful man who will give u beautiful children and she continued taking pictures of him but as the woman beside him came to view Lisa almost fainted walking beside the handsome man was the last person she expected to see.

Amara she gased silently as her mouth refused to close she looked at her husband ex wife now more refine and beautiful, Amara she said again she they walked to a black jeep. so Alex left her in Abuja to continue his escapades with his sister, they have no shame as her hatred towards amara multiplied, when will Amara leave my man for me, she took another picture of her before she entered the black jeep. she must be casting spell in all the beautiful men. as they drove out.

oh Amara I will deal with you she said to her self as she held her camera like a weapon, I will teach u an unforgettable lesson ur w---e I have waited long enough.

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