Endless Tears - S02 E26

2 months ago

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Amara was having a really good day,she had woken up with huge smile on her face. just remembering the previous night with kelvin, he had made her laugh like old times, as much as she tried to remain passive. kelvin was bringing old memories he knew can bring smile on her face and telling her jokes,Amara didn’t know how much she missed smiling until yesterday. she had laughed and she only have kelvin to thank. she was surprised when she found out that kelvin was the founder of Reliance, and it was even disgraceful that she didn’t know before. and Kelvin was even surprised that she didn’t know. he has thought she knew and was hiding her self all this while. but she hadn’t know, she had brought her coldness into her world of business. Amara hadn’t had a cause to deal with Reliance, just like she did Brackets. she never did any research on them, finding out that kelvin was the founder of the popular reliance was a big shock to her.

Amara came to the office smiling, the close she was putting on gave her a different look, she let down her hair for the first time. her staff wondered what changed her.

Amara smiled without opening her eyes as taga walked in, there is a handsome man here to see u,

I guessed so, without an appointment? who is he ? Amara asked?,

Mr Alex bello,

Amara stood up instantly, her eyes fly opened at once, amara’s head pounded heavily , she developed instant headache, suddenly she was where she was six years ago where she said her goodbyes, silence envelop the place as Amara stared at taga. taga turned angrily to look at Alex who was standing behind her, I never told u to come inside sir. turning back to look at her worried boss, she had watched her boss lake before someone last week but not like this, she could see shock and fear written all over her face, she became more angry as she looked at the man standing behind her, she just started seeing her boss happy for the first time and she’s not going to allow this man destroy it,

Alex ignored taga as he looked at Amara, hello Amara ‘ he said as if he just like the way she is right now, seeing her live was breath taking, and he wonders why he ever called her a village girl, the woman standing before her looked beautiful and elegant and the type of woman any man would like to show his friends, apart from the time he had married and impregnated his sister nothing had ever shocked him like the news he heard this morning it had shaken him to the bomesas he ran out of the hotel and was running around the street of Lagos he had liked the positive side of the story.

Amara opened her mouth and then opend it again and she suddenly held the table, taga looked at Alex and said sir I think u should take ur live now, would u like me to call the security.

Amara heard taga but she couldn’t make out what she was saying, her heart beat was pounding so loud in her ears that she couldn’t hear what others was saying, what misfortune brought you hear Alex she shouted, she shouldn’t have given him the privilege of seeing her fear,

I had to see you Amara, it been years. Alex said noticing her cold tone.

I don’t want to see you even if the whole century passes get out of my office she shouted.

you heard her sir taga said

Alex looked at her and said, are u not a secretary what are you doing here.

who the hell gave you the right to talk to her like that , amara shouted. I see see u are still the self obsessed fool you were Alex.

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