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Twins Adventure - S01 E62

Story 3 years ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 62

Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.

By : Mark Twain

Joy : canaan?

Mama c : Yes Canaan.

Joy : What I see is a land that is abandoned by the government , a rough land, in a nutshell this place is basically a ghetto.

Mama c : This place is actually a safe haven.

Joy : Safe haven ?

Mama c : Yes a safe haven for those of us that can’t live in the legal world .

Joy : Hmmm. Are you the….

Voice : Mama!!!,you don come back.

Joy was suddenly interrupted by a voice from outside, the person didn’t waste time before gaining entry into the house. It was a tall dark skinned man, he was putting on a brown combat knicker and a white singlet which is chest and biceps were stretching to its limit.

His dark face could have been more handsome, but for the obvious scar around his chin. The man’s name is Goodluck aka Prince c, Mama c only son and child.

He moved over to the dining area and after using his eyes to ogle around joy he finally turned to his mother.

Prince c : Mama, who come be this fine Yarinya, abi you don finally bring wife for me, I nor go follow you argue sha, she Dey fit to be my wife.

Mama c : See Wetin your stupid mouth dey vomit, as you don old reach you still expect to waste my useful time go find wife for you.

Prince c : nor be so, all the babes wey me dey get na just F--k babes, na Una wey be mothers na una truly get eyes for good things.

Mama c : Yeye.

Prince c : my question, who come be this fine girl?

Mama c : Mah tell you who she be before you turn her to one of your F--k babes, na your sister be this.

Prince c : (surprised) I nor understand?

Mama c : oh for your mind, na only you I born, how many times I dey tell you make you try to lower your shoulder. I know say you for they think before say after I don finish living my life and join my ancestors them, only you go come inherit all my empires.

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