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Twins Adventure - S01 E60

Story 3 years ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 60

Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.

By : Lao Tzu

Joy slowly walked to where she was and then sat on the dining chair opposite mama c.

Joy : Good morning.

Mama c : OK, how body?

Joy : Am fine.

Mama c : OK, where is the father?

Joy : what?

Mama c : From the moment I woke you up, I knew you were pregnant, so tell me where the father is .

Joy : The father?

Mama c : look, I have taken interest in you and I want to keep you know you more and see whether I can help you or not in any way.

Joy : Well, the father doesn’t know I’m pregnant, he already ran off before I could tell him.

Mama c : OK, don’t you have any relative here.

Joy : Just one.

Mama c : OK, what’s stopping you from going there?

Joy : Actually she was the one that brought me to this city with a faked intention of seeing me in school, I never knew she was gonna use me for prostitution work that she is involved in.

Mama c : Hmmmm, OK tell me how are you two related .

Joy : She is my mom younger sister, so she is my aunty.

Mama c : OK, tell me her name?

Joy : Her name is Glory okpue, but popularly known as……

Mama c : Madam glow.

Joy : (surprised that mama c knew the name) You know her?

Mama c : yes.

Joy : How did you know her?

Mama c : Me and her still get some unfinished issues from the past.

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