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Twins Adventure - S01 E59

Story 3 years ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 59

Failure is the foundation of success, and the means by which it is achieved.

By : Lao Tzu

After Mama c left, Joy was left alone to observe the whole sitting room . She confessed to herself that the place was well furnished. Comfy black sofas were are different strategic positions. A were designed glass table was In the center of the room, with bunch of flowers in a flower vase on top of it.

A big plasma TV was on the wall, there was a movie showing but no sound was emitting from it .She was still looking around before Mama c came and interrupted her.

Mama c : Joy, so tell me, u won go sleep like this abi you go bath first.

Joy : I won sleep like this.

Mama c : You sure?

Joy : Yes ma.

Mama c : OK, come make I show you where you go sleep, but before that one correction.

Joy : OK ma

Mama c : Abeg, I use God beg you, not use ma address me, I nor like am. U fit call me mama c, na that one dey give me joy.

Joy : OK o.

Mama : Good, ok follow me Mah show you where you go sleep.

Mama c led Joy to one of the furnished rooms in the house, then she left her alone, Joy looked around the room and it was in a very nice shape with a big family size bed in it.

She then slept on the comfortable bed, which was pretty relaxing, coupled with tiredness and lack of sleep it didn’t take long for her to fall into dream world.

It was around 8:33am when Joy woke up,it took her a little while for her to remember that she was in Mama c house. After arranging her thoughts, she got off the bed and decided to go to the living room
When she got to the living room nobody was there, she decided to sit down and wait for mama c,maybe she wasn’t up yet.

She didn’t sit down there for long, when she heard some noise coming from the dinning area, when she turned her head, she saw mama c sitting down I’m front of a large amount of weed poured on the table,she was busy wrapping it up in big quantities into different papers .

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