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Twins Adventure - S01 E58

Story 3 years ago

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 58

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.

By : Dalai Lama

After everyone have left ,except for mama c, joy and of course the driver. Mamq c put the jewelries inside the bag.

Mama c : Tell Ngo say na two of us dey go next time.

Driver : No problem, Mah go see am now.

Mama c : Oya let’s go young lady.

Joy and her came out of the car, and they both manoeuvred the water and continue going forward. At some point mama c entered a corner and joy closely followed suit.

The whole environment was looking rough and dirty ,it was even smelling. Joy felt slightly disgusted by the whole place .
It dawned on Joy, that In this place,mama had some kind of reputation, for whenever someone sees them, they must hail her. That gave her some comfort, in this rough place.

Joy : Mama c, where be this place?

Mama c : Abeg I nor get any strength to answer jamb questions now,we go talk for morning.

Joy : OK.

Mama : Good, all you need is to keep quiet.

After like ten minutes they finally got to a partially space filled area, cause it was not really jam-packed like the rest of the other houses . The Main house there was fenced round with aluminum zinc and that was the house they were going to.

Mama c got to the aluminum covered wooden door and brought out a key from her wrapper and opened the padlock across it and what came face to face with Joy was surprisin.

The house before them was a green painted flat, even the compound where the house is was well clean and looked nice. Carpet grass floored the ground of the compound and were trimmed flowers were at different sides.

To joy this place was a far contrast to the fellow buildings in this environment. Mama c led her to the living room and told her to sit down in one of the comfy chairs in the place, she went out to drop the bag she was carrying.

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