My Adventure With My Street Chicks - S02 E10

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The bike man dropped me in my compound around that six o’clock, after paying I looked towards my side I saw Peace smiling, this girl’s smile always finds a way of giving me shiver, if she smiles she is always beautiful, she a wore a blue skirt and her top was very tight, her nipples was standing as they pushed the shirt as if they want to tear it, my d--k always finds a way of embarrassing me, this d--k doesn’t rise for her before but now it’s doing it, I went inside dropped my stuff and came outside, i was sweeping my room when I heard a knock, I checked and it was Peace, she didn’t even wait for me to ask her to come in before she did, she came in asked me to give her the broom as she helped me do the sweeping. Suddenly she bursts out laughing I checked why and behold the condom I was looking was actually under my bed, almost 10 pieces and the saddest part is that the one we used the previous night I didn’t throw it away, “So na only one set you do and she come the cry like that”? I couldn’t believe my ears when Peace asked me those questions, trouble d sleep, nyanga no go jejely on him own him come go wake am, “what do you mean na madam”? I asked back pretending not to understand her question, “The condom na, una do just one roll she wake every body I think say una even do up to 3 or 4”. Yipa! This girl go really bad ooo, 3 or 4 round of sex? She could really be a sex machine but I can’t drive her engine abeg, I became even scared of her, who want die on top woman? I tried to end the conversation so I just went and stay outside, she swept finished and came outside to meet me. “So tell me who be that new babe again, she is too big for you, the aunty fine sha, but you be bad boy, you can really handle her well last night but you no fit try it with me I can’t shout like that at all” I knew immediately that my village people are at work again, finally they have succeeded in bringing who will kill me, what this girl saying is not just a seduction it’s a suicide mission and I am not ready to die. I didn’t even answer her I was just looking at her as she continues her talking, “one of those your girls even come today, that tall come black join, she get one kind pointed nose like this, I tell her say e don tay way you come house because i know say you don discharge them be that”. I couldn’t believe my ears, the person she described is actually Jenny but why came by? But wait, how did Peace knows that I have discharged them, she knows more than she should I swear, i sha thank her for saving my ass and she gat the gut to tell me that I own her ‘one’! Which one is one again I don’t know.

Sitting with Peace was not boring at but I don’t want to get things started between us, I wished I could go out but to where will I go when there they are CCTV camera all over me, I might bump into one now and the rest might come looking, Peace went inside came out with a plate full of jollof rice with fish and meat, the food really smell nice as she dropped it with two, she went inside again and came back 5’alive juice, I was wondering why all this hospitality. She gave me one spoon as she hold the other, shey make I d fear her food too ni? God forbid, I can’t but what if she put love portion in it? I allowed her to taste first both the food and drinks, we ate drank it and started hosting. She packed the plate went inside and immediately a car drove into my compound with two occupants both female, I didn’t bother myself because I believe they are not there because of me they came down and started walking towards me, I became afraid until I looked very well and I discovered it was…….

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