My Adventure With My Street Chicks - S02 E08

1 year ago

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As I heard the knock on the door, I asked who it was and the person told me to be gentle not to kill somebody’s daughter, she wasn’t even concern that am disturbing neighborhood her concern was that I should not kill somebody’s daughter. I laughed, went out side open the door and the person was no longer there.

Peace is a nice girl, she has a good shape but I don’t love her much because she ain’t that beautiful but she gat a good shape. I went back inside told Olumide that it was Peace, she just laughed and said it was true that she was actually shouting, I laughed too and we lay down. I couldn’t get my mind off Peace, she is someone I wished to f--k, she sexy anyways and I can’t two rough handle her.

I don’t know why I love sex too much but on another note it’s good for the body right? We lay down sleeping and around 5am I felt a hand on my body, I woke up and found Olumide all my body, she was even more sexier, I looked into her eyes kissed her passionately caress her body, she was doing like mermaids, my mind was not with her again, it’s all with Peace, I just want to f--k the girl in peace.

We are still kissing when I discovered that Olumide already put her mouth on my d--k, she suck me till I lost control, I was trying not to put my mind there yet this girl find means of waking me up, I rose up with anger placed her head down the edge of the bed only her waist on the bed, I insert my Johnson, it entered once I t----t in and out slower and fastly on several occasions, she was moaning but she doesn’t want to make noise in other not wake the neighborhood, I was doing but it ain’t sweeting me like it use to be, we did it roughly and before 1 hour we were done, she was looking at me as if I commit abomination all because it was not long like the first one. I came down went outside to ease myself.

Fast forward, day break, we both came out me and Olumide and the first person I saw was Peace, she was looking at me as she mean me in her mind, I greeted her she answered and smiled.

Me and Olumide spent more than 4hours that morning and by 11 she told me she wants to go home, I told her we should go together and we prepared ourselves and got dressed and left, on our way home, I saw Peace and Olumide talking to each other butI didn’t know what they are saying, but I hope it’s for peace sha.

As I was leaving I looked at Peace, she winked at me, smiled and bid me good bye, we left to Olumide’s house, we removed our clothes both got into the kitchen and started preparing what to eat, the thing is that the girl knows how to cook, she is very good in cooking and I enjoyed eating her food after cooking we started eating and talking about life, walk and everything about life, she was actually nice to be with but how long will the f-----g last? Am not some one that is stable with girls, but I love this girl sincerely as i was still contemplating on what to do and my phone ring, i checked and it was a new number I picked the call and the caller was Dr ‘Ngozi! I was shocked as I went out to pick the call. I looked back and saw Olumide following me, I couldn’t talk freely with ‘Ngozi before ending the call because of Olumide. I don’t know what I am really getting myself into right now but I pray God save me…..

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