My Adventure With My Street Chicks - S02 E07

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I had one thing in mind during the sucking and licking period, I don’t wanna f--k her without condom, the intensity of the romance was so much that I almost forgot about the condom! I took my hand to my bed side where I do keep my bullet proof for easy access but non was found, I was confused because I had enough before the accident and what happened to them I don’t know or maybe the lady that swept and arrange the room swept it away!

After few minutes of ultimate search to no avail, Olumide asked me if it’s condom am looking that I was so serious I told her yes, she laughed, went to her bag and brought out ‘Kiss’, as she stood up I couldn’t believe my eyes, of a truth I know she is beautiful but to be this curvy I never imagined!! To even believe that I am the one eating this sweet vinavoovoo was another thing, my head begin swell as she came back towards me, the hell fire pit was thick and black, it is a typical thick Ponmo!

She brought the condom, opened it and inserted it in me by herself, all this took not even up to two minutes, she came to the bed, I raises her two legs up, closed them together, bend them towards her chest, my two knees on the bed, as I f----d her from back, she was shouting and begging me, I went slowly slowly then deep and deeper then I t----t sharply deep inside, she will open her mouth but no sound will come out, I did this for some minutes then, then I put her legs down.

I opened the legs wide, put one in between my own legs and one behind my back, as I t----t in her middle, she was opening her mouth and eyes at the same interval, the very shaved and clean V was awesome, I was thrusting this time around very fast as she keeps shouting aloud, the noise was too much and it might wake my neighborhood, so I removed it again and I asked her to come on top, since she will have the control being on top, she came on top, I held and smooch her breasts as she banged as hard as she cook, she was whining her waist like someone that is twerking, we f--k in this position for some time then I came out again, it’s already more than an hour since we started, the thing is if you f-----g and changing position you don c-m easily, i was ready to as always give first impression, she called me a shy guy or some one scared of sex, I had to do this to prove a point. As we back off I started to feel breeze in my under, as I checked, lo and behold condom don burst!!! My kokoro still stand gbim! What should I do now? I told her she laughed again and again, she said we should stop then since I don’t want to do raw, she held my d--k looked at it and Voom in her mouth!!! I was shocked but the feelings was awesome and sweet, she placed the cap in her mouth she was sucking the cap as we do suck breast mehn the sensation was heavenly, she used her tongue to be rubbing round the cap I couldn’t hold any longer cus I was beginning to get signal from my brain and you know what that means, I quickly bend her down, place her chest on the bed, put her two knees on the bed, raise her waist up and vim I inserted forgetting i didn’t put on condom after all ‘one thing must kill a man’, I banged her in the position and with that sensation i used all my force I didn’t even know she was shouting too loudly until I heard “kokokoko” I heard the first one but I thought it was just my head making sound, the knock on the door continue until I realized it was really not in my head but a knock on the door, and on realizing that I heard “srasra sra” I pour those liquid all over her because i didn’t want to release in her to avoid stories that touches the heart, I shouted “Yes who be that” then I heard a Female voice telling me to be careful not to kill some one’s daughter, I recognize the voice and I know you should know who she is if you can guess well…….

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