My Adventure With My Street Chicks - S02 E03

1 year ago

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“Hello Mr, you are awake! Thank God, you have been like this for the past three days, how are you feeling now and hope there is no much pains” the lady asked, those voices was even prettier than her looks, she has a figure eight shape, she is not too tall nor short, she is a typical ebony skin type of girl, her boobs and butt oh my goodness! I heard all her questions but I didn’t understand because of what I was thinking, she came closer touched my shoulder, those hands are just the perfect therapy I want, it cooled down my temperature, ” Mr hope you are ok, you were involved in an accident three days ago and these good Samaritans brought you here, we discovered bandages and some drugs with you which we believed you must be coming from the hospital, so you can tell us your name and where you are coming, the bills has been sorted out by the lady who hit you” those words were killing me slowly.

“Wake up, wake up oga” I said to myself, already the little man below has risen to another angle I could not understand why, I checked her ID on her chest and it’s read ‘Ngozi Ezinne Chibuzor’, did I even said I checked her ID? Truth is, it wasn’t her ID I was checking it was her chest, I had already naked her in my mind, I was brought back to my senses when the door to the hospital room I was opened……In come another elegant and extremely beautiful creature!

I adjusted my short because little Johnson was inconveniencing me, “Good afternoon ma, good afternoon doctor, how is he doing now? Hope he is getting better? Peter how are you doing hope you are fine now, sorry it was all my fault”… The Cinderella kept talking while greeting everyone. She said it was her fault why of a truth it was mine, how she got to know my name was another thing I could not relate. I later realized she got to know my name through the Hospital card giving to me in the hospital I was coming from.

“Oh your name is Peter? You really have a nice name, anyways this is Ms Olumide Olawale, she was the one that hit you and brought you here”, Ms ‘Ngozi did the intro, requested the Ms Olumide to check her in her office before leaving. The perfume this lady use was all over the room, aboki perfume does no smell at all compared to hers, “H-how di-id you get to know my name”? I stuttered, it was actually the first word am saying since I woke up from coma. “Oh I saw it on your hospital card, it even here, you will be discharged this evening, I will take you home if you won’t mind, don’t we will get some provisions along the way, I promised you will be fine” Ms Olumide said.

I was about to be excited when I remembered she said “take you home” home ke? I don’t have a home ooo, go which home when about six girls are waiting to strangle me to death? Why must it be my home? What about her own home? Am I even mad, thinking of going to her home! Man d die once and all die na die but how will I die when my adventures just want to start? I lay down on the bed while Ms Olumide thanks the 3 people in my ward, gave them some money and they all left wishing me quick recovery, I lay thinking of ms ‘Ngozi and Olumide who should be prettier when Ms Olumide went to see the doctor ‘Ngozi……….

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