My Adventure With My Street Chicks - S01 E93

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Final Episode

As Bola said, she wants to tell me something, I was scared to hear “am pregnant” or “I miss my period” again. I asked her what is it, and she told me that she was detected of having Gonorrhea, Staphiloccocus infections, the doctor said she must treat herself and her partner, she said what she doesn’t understand was how she contracted it, if it was through me or not. Thank God the question was straight forward so I pretended she was talking to me.

We were still talking when Lois and Lucy came in, my mind skip 3000 times at once. “Lois tell this bastards what you told me”. Lucy asked Lois to tell me something. “I said am pregnant for him”. Lois said. “Good! Peter now tell me is it true or not”? See GCE question way I just finished WAEC? I kept mute without saying a word. “Tell me before I kill you and kill myself now”!! She blared as she removed a table knife from her waist, threatening to stab me. Inwardly I was scared but outwardly I was as bold as a lion. One thing I know is that I don’t show my weakness to ladies, they might use your fears against you but when power/courage jam power/courage, one bows. “What then will you gain in stabbing me and stabbing yourself? Does it solve any problems? I believe she has told you everything, or will she lie? Am sorry if I have caused you guys heart-attack……………” I was still speaking when I heard “tower-tawa” the next thing I couldn’t see clearly. The only thing I heard was “so you idiot have been sleeping with me and others girls abi? You even sleep with two friends and impregnated one…………” It was then I realize that it was Bola that slapped me. She was still talking when Lucy cut her short “Not even one of us, both of us, I am pregnant too, I was telling her when she too told me of hers and it happen to be this same bastards! We wouldn’t have known if we were………….” “So you guys too are involved”? The door opened and Vivian, Dooshima and Jennifer entered, in my mind I said to myself that am done. “Tell me something, is he sleeping with you too”? Jenny asked. “I swear to God, even this girl over there too, in fact both of us are pregnant for him, how didn’t we know this devil has been sleeping with all of us still baffles me”. Lucy said. I heard gbang on my head and blood began to rush. “This satan dis-flowered me, he told me it’s only me he loves, I never knew he could be this heartless”!! Jenny broke-down crying.

The next thing I knew was finding myself on hospital bed with six angry girls staring at me. I could say a word, the doctor came in, with some drugs and prescriptions, bandage over my head, I was discharged but going home now is the issue, the doctor said he wanna see me, I went inside his office, and he told me that I lost so much blood and as they needed to tran fused blood, we tested your blood and they discovered that you have (some) STIs that I you don’t treat them it will affect me seriously. I asked him to tell me how to go about the treatment and he told me everything I needed to know and I thanked him and left his office to go and face my six wives’ wrath.

………………………END OF SEASON ONE………………….

What happen to my street chicks, with NECO yet to come, did I escape their wrath? Do they all give birth? Did I went back for my NECO exams?…………All and many more in SEASON TWO……………If you want to read it then let me know.

Special thanks to everyone that took time to read and comment, I can’t be able to mention your names all, u guys motivated me, if not for my Academics pursuit, I have so many more stories to bring ur way, but soonest another piece will come from me …………FROM GRASS TO GRACE” a motivational and Inspiration story of an AFRIKAN ICON n HERO.

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