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As me and Rose finished the Tutorial, we packed the books after giving her a Home work, I told her if she didn’t get it I will flog her when she brings it the following day. We went to the table, she brought the food and we started eating. As I was eating, she was staring at me, I don’t know what happen I was turn-on initially but sitting opposite her that feelings vanished.

She kept staring at me until I broke the silent….”Hey c’mon Rose, why that stares”? She just smiled and said. “Am just baffled”. I replied. “Baffled about”? “You”. “How”? I asked. “You are just perfect, you have a musculine structure, you are handsome, Matured and even very Intelligent, you are the kind of guy every girl would wanna date”. She said. “Rose, so you are now taking revenge of what I told you in school in the morning abi”? I asked. “No ooo, not that at all, I mean what am saying, I am very serious you even look cool, though some guys can disguise themselves that way and maybe very dangerous”. “Let’s eat Rose” I said to her and we finished eating, she packed the flask, dressed up and I accompanied her outside.

I know most of you will be surprised why I didn’t touch her. If u want to catch a Roman, behave like one. Some thing that you know will definitely be yours shouldn’t be rushed, you might loose it at the end, just play cool and everything will be yours. I know she will still come back so why do I need to rush, if I f--k her that first day, the following day she might think I will do the same and might not come again. I accompanied her out and as I came back around 7:48pm I entered my room and behold I met…….Vivian lying down on my bed.

I was scared initially because I thought I bolt my door but I remembered that I didn’t bolt it. “Were you scared when you first saw me”? She asked. “Why won’t I when you never told me you are coming”? “Am sorry about that but where are you coming back from”? “Accompanied someone”. “Who”? “Vivian”!! “Ok am sorry about that”. “Better, you know am still pissed at you”. “Why”? “Never mind”. “So why are you here” I asked her. “Is it a crime to come to your house Peter”? “Nope, but not calling me b4 coming is not a good idea”. “Ok sire”.

“How are you doing Vivian”? “Am good and you? I missed you so much”! “Stop to the whine me, why will you missed me”? I asked her. “Am serious I longed for you every night, I always wanna feel you all over me”. She said as she stood up and started walking towards me. She came to me and I noticed that her nightgown was transparent and I can see her nipples very hard, she came to me from bed and stood in my front….”Why are you avoiding me”? She asked. “Am not” I said to her. “I know what am saying I have been………….” “Shhhhhhhhhh” I said with my lips all over hers as we engaged in french kiss. As we just start immediately……..

As me and Vivian started kissing and romancing, my phone was ringing but I never cared, I just ignored and kept doing the good work. I kissed her and she responded hungrily, she was kissing me as if her Life depended on it.

As we were kissing immediately she removed my boxer and down to my legs as she gave me d sweetest Blow-job I have come across in few days, she insert my c--k into her wide mouth as she uses her tongue to rub the tip of my c--k, the sensation was mind-blowing. She was very good at this, she uses her teeth to scratch the chaff, she lifted it up and started using her tongue to rub gently the lower part of my c--k, and began to suck it, it was pleasantly intriguing. She inserted my c--k inside her mouth, until my c--k touched her throat, she started the blow-job, inserted it down to her throat n bring it out again.
She s----d my c--k to an extend that I was moaning, she held my c--k and took me to the bed side, as she lay down, I opened her legs and I began the sucking as I mouth-f--k her p---y, she was yelling and moaning, I ate her clits and chop her veejay, she was very un-eased as she twisted her waist right to left. She was like………”Oh yea, love, …..gud….gud…

yeeeEeeee…..aaaahhhhhhh……am cumin……am cumin……pls…..pls……go on don’t stop……pls baby…..” I jst insert my tongue inside her veejay and started rolling it to and fro, as she sqwirk and grind under me, I bit her c--t gently and she shouted.

My c--k was now too strong and hard to bear, I raised her, I raised one of her legs up and I inserted, I banged her in that position with one of her legs on my shoulder and the other one under my legs as I jigijaga her p---y. Her p---y was doing paka, paka paka, paka, paka, it was wet all over, her punani is tight as if she was still a virgin. She was very swt and hot, my c--k was so warmed, I went in deeper and slower as I banged her steadily until she c-m.
Since my c--k was still hard, I turned her to Missionary proper and I banged her very hard as her boobs was all in my mouth as I suck them while f-----g her under. God 4give me for I know not wat am doing, this f-----g thing has gotten a bera part of me, coming to write my exams here has made me a modafucker!! I f--k almost every blessed day, sometimes even twice!! Why?

I didn’t know why this thought came to my mind, but there is always something that pushes it aside when ever it comes, I just need to feel at peace anytime n always. Believe me f-----g a sweet p---y like that of Vivian is one hell of a good thing, it’s rare but seems there 3 or more pussies I have not f----d and I needed them badly-BOLA, ROSE and PRISCILLA. Their p---y must be warm, I must taste their honey pot, I must conquer their territory, I must taste their forbidden (who even says it was 4biden)? Fruit..
I keep space as I banged Vi harder and slower, deeper, and shallower, she was just moaning and twerking, good thing 4 guy like me, no wonder guys always wanna come back for more. I f----d her steadily and my pre-c-m began to gather and I was already feeling it, I brought out my d--k, packed her two legs and placed them on my chest as I banged her in this position. Not upto to 30minutes, we both came and I became exhausted we lay on the bed nude and staring into each other’s eyes and I can see……………

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