My Adventure With My Street Chicks - S01 E39

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……….So I asked some students to update me on

what is going on and to put me through on some

subjects, they told me that it’s you that can do that

better”. The lady said to me. “Well, you see is not that

am the only one who can do it better, they believed

am the only one who will accept to do it for you, am

not even brilliant, we have many brilliants students in

this class that are doing far better than me, but they

won’t accept to help you out”. I said to her. “Ok, but

will you help me out”? She asked. “I will answer that

when you tell me what exactly you want me to do for

you”. The truth is that out of my three guesses, one

or all of them will be correct which means I know

what she want but just wanna prolong talk with her.

“Ok, if you can help me with your notes and then

teach me some of the stuffs you guys have learned”.

She said. “Your first request granted, have my note,

your second request depend solely on you”. I said as

I handed over my note book to her. She collected it

and asked. “So what or how does my second request

depend on me now”? “Because I don’t know how you

want to be doing, I do have tutorial with some

students in this our class from 4pm to 6:30pm, I

would have advice you to come too but the room we

ar using is already filled up and you can’t join us


She stood for a while and responded. “So after that

time, what will you be doing at home”? “Nothing, just

shower, prepare food, eat and sleep”. “Can I come to

your house that time? At least an hour or one hour

30minutes, please. Or if you can do it before 4pm

maybe 2 or 3pm”. I thought of the possibility of

f-----g her if I do it between that 2 to 4, it’s very tiny.

The possibility of f-----g her from that 6:30 to 8pm is

very large. I think I will go for latter but don’t wanna

make ma ambition look visible to her. “Well am a

student, and sometimes we do close by even 3:30 or

4pm, which means it won’t be easy that time. I would

have prefer that evening after my tutorial but I tried

that once and the girl’s guy thought I was dating the

lady and confronted me with serious Threat, which

prompted me to stopped and I vowed not to teach

any one in my house again”. See whit lie!! Abeg shey

any of una don read for this story say something like

that happen? Even if at all God will punish some one

like me, it won’t be because I jigijaga because he

created my *johnson and he also created ladies

*punani, and he expect us to………….abeg make una

no go tell someone say na Nextangel talk am ooo. It

will because I had lied to many ladies. God forgive

me for my lies. She just smiled and said, “don’t worry

about that one, I don’t have any boyfriend that will

come and threaten you”. Peace of mind for the mean

time, whether she lied or said the truth na her

palava. “Hmmm, pretty and charming girls aren’t

supposed to lie, I wonder why most of them lied”. I

said. “Don’t understand your point”. “Why will you

said you don’t have a guy, if we start this thing and

any guy appear and start rubbish you are on your

own ooo”. “Yes sire, hope your ladies won’t do

same”? “Don’t worry am clean”. Clean ko clean ni.

She smiled, collected my note and was about to leave

when she turned and said, “sorry but I didn’t know

your name, my name is Rose”. “Well Rose, those that

directed you here should tell you my name. We start

2day, 6:30pm, if you are a minute late, we won’t do it

again. Room 2, house number 3, kaswa biu road

Agy”. “Yes sir, will even bring you food so that you

won’t cook again”. “Hmmm, ok ooo, expecting you

but please don’t dress seductively ooo, am allergic to

it ooo”. I don’t know why that line came out but she

accepted and laughed as she left………….”You go

naughty sha”………I heard her say as she left. Looking

outside I say Priscilla coming towards my class with


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