My Adventure With My Street Chicks - S01 E30

2 years ago

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Me: Bola what do u mean by puting pillow between us now?

Bola: we are not yet married therefore nothing can happen between us, or do you want to marry me or you just want to chop and clean mouth?

Me: But wait ooo, did I ask you for anything? Or did I told you that we should have sex? Why did you even asked me to come and sleep in your house? Why did you want to seduce me if you don’t want it?

Bola: Am not seducing you, if you want it you must put a ring on my hand”!

See me see wahala way I carry myself come enter, I didn’t even know what I was looking for in her. I wished I did not even approached her, it would have been better, this girl is devilish, she just want to punish me and I will also do her back if not today but next time. I slept and turned my face to outside, I refused to face her, am not the type that beg for sex, I have never done it and I won’t do it even if I will in future it is not from her, after all “There are many fishes in the river” hahaha seriously that time we still write all this cutes phrases in form of letters to any one that did not accept our proposal or anyone we don’t want to date.

As I lay there, almost naked and she too tying only wrapper without bra or panties, I can hear her heart beat beating faster than normal, she drew close to me and said “please Peter understand my point, we just met today, you came and sleep in my house today and you are expecting us to have sex? It’s not good that way! At least we should know each other for a while”. Sincerely, her words make sense but am not in the mood for any nonsense(actually sense) talk, I just told her “I don hear madam sleep na, am not in the mood to answer you please, am not begging you for anything, it is just that I had wasted my time coming here in vain” “Please don’t talk like that bae, it is out of experience am saying this, you guys will come and chop the girl then tomorrow you see that one as shit and look for fresh ones. I don’t want what happen in my last relationship to…………..” “Hey just stop it there, what I hate the most is comparing me with other guys, your exs or who ever, we are not the same, all guys are not the same, but don’t pissed me off because if you do whether it is 2:00am I will still go to my house”

“Hey bae am sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you, I swear I love you with my life but I think we should take time to know each other more, am not a virgin, I will definitely give you as much as you want but let get to at least know each other first please my love” “Bola you can sleep, good night” she slept over me and crosed her hands over my body, I didn’t move and I didn’t remove it, I just lay there as I was. I turned around to look at her, her eyes pleadingly, persuading me not to do what is in my mind, your thought of what was going on in my mind is true. She got up, held my hands and pleaded again that I should not be angry, that she is a lady and she has principle to protect too, I looked at her cute eyes, she was beaming with smiles.

Well guys, the fact was that I was not really in the mood, I just lost apetite for sex that night, maybe due to how she reacted before, if not for that I knew what I will do and she will give it to me sharperly. I didn’t say anything to her I just slept.

At exactly 5:43am I woke up, I took my clothes wore them and left while she was still asleep, I went home straight, lay down and better sleep came. It was about 7:39am when my ring tone woke me up, I checked the screen and the caller was……………

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