My Adventure With My Street Chicks - S01 E20

2 years ago

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After my sexcapade with Dooshima, we showered and settled down to eat, as we were eating she was staring at, I was just smiling as she then asked “Do you love me”? Now guys this question sounds awkward rit? Wasn’t this question supposed to come before the exams(sexicology)? “You ar perfect and gorgeous and you ar everyman’s desire, you have all the qualities a man wanted in a lady”. I said to her, guys pls I no try? Just know that I didn’t mention love there!

“I want to say something but promise me you won’t turn it against me”, say whatever trash you get jare, wetin concern me, if you FK shey make I keep quiet cus of sili promises?. “Well hope it goes well with me and you sha, but why would I if it goes well”? Well I have a way of turning any answer or question that will be used again me in the court of love in future. “You are charming and intelligent, I love you so much and I will really appreciat it if you can take me as your fiancee'”. Hear matter ooo, I need time to think about this maybe I will give her the answer after two or three encounter, don’t blame me abeg sometimes it is not me that do talk it is my little man that do say all the talkings. “Well Dooshima you ar an angel that no guy can resist not even I can resist you but I have somethings to ask you maybe when I come back from school”. At that I stopped eating, drank water and get up, I told her incase she leaves before I come she should drop my key where I can find it, we kissed and I left to avoid any further interview that may lead to “How manage”?

On my way to school I saw my friends-Solomon, Thomas and Jeremiah all in a company of girls but I noticed a gal was actually alone. I joined them as we all greeted each other “hahahahaaha, dis is d-don himself!! Don One Soul baba, omo your way pure ooo” Solo hail.” King Sosoliso, atuturakpa of oturi, see Tommy Head(refering to Thomas) like Atutupoyoyo, hahahaha Jerimian how your way, women go kill una ooo” I teased. “Oboi kap aside jare, we reach you? See pot way the kal kettle black, guy how va Vacancy de ooo, na you get this one ooo(Pointing to the lonely girl) enjoy ur life ooo guy, while you ar young” In my life, God has never giving me a godly friend, he only gives me friends that will even make me commit more sins, non of them fit preach to me self?. Abeg this gal fine die, “sorry I no d do dis kind tin abeg, ah be pasta*” I said. “Idiot ur papa, u d mad self, who you wan decieve? Shey na we way know you beta than your mama n papa abi som1 else”? Jeremiah said sarcastically. I don’t want any more prank as the girl was actually sexually attractive. “Hey bae, am One Soul and you”? I asked the girl. “And am blessing social science class” girls self, I no ask which department she de. “K so can we go on”? “No problems we can” we strolled together, I forgot I was even going to school for my stuff, we got to a place and I noticed that it was a hotel local one sha. Solomon paid for all of us, thank God who wan pay for p---y when God has blessed me with showers of it? We bought some soft drinks and drank as we got into action. I must confess that the lady was a good f----r, she f----d hell outa me, when I started mine she confessed too, thanks to the condom my friends came with, it was from that day I decide to always go out with condom in case of emmergency.

We finished from there around 6:15pm as I checked my phone 15 missed calls, guess whose calls there were? Your guess is right.

That day I missed my tutorial with those chicks, my bag and so on, can’t even find what am gonna lie to me. As I got to my house by 6:40pm I saw…………….

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